I am Natalie Wagner, the creator of Body Mind and Soul Awakening.

 I serve to connect with your essence and guide you back to a natural state of being where you can restore and welcome in love, health and happiness to improve your quality of life.

The Body/ Mind /Soul are the pillars of life and are our gateway to creating change and transformation. I have created a space for you to come and tune in to all parts of yourself and discover what is required of you for your own personal evolution. In seeing and understanding yourself in a holistic way, the messages and lessons of what you are experiencing can be identified. My therapy allows a new awareness to shed light in dark places and reveal the magical opportunities for healing that is available.

From this place of clarity you are able to take action and make empowered choices to transform and create the life that supports your souls fullest expression. Within a deeper connection to self you can know your power, gifts and innate intelligence that creates who they are. Through this awakening process it is revealed the infinite possibilities of one's life.

Areas of passion :

  • Reconnection to your inner knowing
  • Life transition, transformation and empowerment
  • Breaking through barriers to happiness, health and wellness
  • Reclaiming your energy to gain clarity and direction
  • Connection to your gifts to find meaning and purpose 
  • Soul based career creation

My Modalities :

  • Psychosomatic Therapy
  • Counselling and Intuitive Guidance

  • Chakra Philosophy

  • Bodywork

  • Emotional trigger point release therapy

  • Ka Huna flow

  • Sound healing

  • Energy clearing

  • Crystals