Awakening Package

Available in person / Worldwide via Skype

Do you feel:

  • Unable to express and live your truth
  • A sense of disconnection
  • Blocked and stuck where you are
  • In pain emotionally, physically , mentally and spiritually
  • Working in a job that doesn't feed your spirit
  • You want a better life but you don't know how to create it
  • Do you find yourself saying "i don't know!" a lot.

These are the tell tale signs that you need to rediscover and reconnect to who you are. These are the inner calling to Awaken to Life, align with your truth and start living it. You may be experiencing triggers in many areas of your life to show where you are living from fear and are holding on to limiting patterns and behaviours that are in fact blocks to your true nature.

By acknowledge old experience and negative patterns and behaviours you are carrying, you can start to shed them to open the doorway for new experiences and freedom of expression. The shedding of these fears and restrictions enables you to bring in the healing you need and restore your energy so you can create the life you want. By journeying together you will be empower to connect to your knowing, the gifts of who you are and how to nurture your potential.  


1 x 90MIN SESSION~ Energy Clearing and Heart Connection

1 x 90 MIN SESSION~ Discovering Your Why

2 x Session 90 MIN SESSION~ Empowering action and supporting growth

1 x 60 mins follow up appointment 

Session can include:

  • Psychosomatic Therapy

  • Counselling and Intuitive Guidance

  • Chakra Philosophy

  • Bodywork

  • Emotional trigger point release therapy

  • Ka Huna flow

  • Sound healing

  • Energy clearing

  • Crystals