Creating a High Vibrational Environment

The environments you spend your time in can either contribute positively or negatively to your soul growth and the quality of your journey. Natural environments are high vibrational and this is why you can feel so energised, rejuvenated and replenished after you spend time in nature. In the urban environment it is up to recreate what nature does organically. Living in an urban setting where you are spending a large majority of your time indoors and having connection everyday with large groups of people means your energy is going to be impacted, especially is you are becoming increasingly sensitive.  This is why we must consciously create and maintain a high vibrational energy within our spaces to enable us to thrive.

When you are becoming increasingly sensitive and aware, your environment is a big influencer on how you feel. A high vibrational environment allows you to feel clear and in flow with your own energy and life path. It also is supportive and protective, which is important as the veil drops and your spiritual experiences expand.

These spiritual experience can be (to name a few):

  • visions
  • intuitive knowing (of future events, what people are thinking- telepathy etc)
  • awakening 'new' gifts and abilities
  • sensing, connecting with or seeing spirits and other beings
  • seeing orbs of light
  • vivid and lucid dreams
  • ability to travel places through your light body  

While many spiritual experiences are amazing and wonderful, some can initially be unsettling, confronting, and scary - which can be attracted in if your energy and the energy in your environment is dense (low vibrational/depressive ). If you feel unsure about an experience that you have or it feels negative then this is really just a call to check in and observe if it is time to do some 'cleaning up' of your environment. Getting into this practice of using high vibrational tools in your space helps you to be discerning, clear on your boundaries and to know that the energy you are working with is positive.

The benefits of being aligned to high vibrational energy means you will attract in your highest good so having positive energy tools to empower you is vital for any sensitive empathetic being. They will make you feel safe, grounded, clear and connected, and empowered to make choices that feel right for you. Here are some of the tools that I use that I have found are ideal for creating and maintaining a high vibrational environment.


Plants are a beautiful addition to your home or work space as they bring many healing benefits to the environment. Plants and Flowers:

  • Clean the air and increases the quality
  • Release oxygen which the body loves 
  • Improves clarity and  concentrate 

Did you know? Aloe Vera can improve your quality of sleep. The Aloe plant omits oxygen at night which helps combat insomnia and will promote a positive atmosphere to support you in sleeping peacefully.


Crystals are one of the strongest vibrational tools you can have. They are not only beautiful but they each have a unique and special vibration. Its is nice to have a collection of different crystals to call upon to assist you in times of need.

You can always google a particular crystal to see how they are going to energetically support you. When I choose crystals I purely choose them intuitively. I use the law of attraction and listen to how I feel and what I am sensing when I hold them. This connection lets me know if I am being called to work with that crystal and receive it vibrational medicine. 


Sage and Palo Santo are brilliant cleansing tool and can be used for spiritual applications, vibrational work and clearing negativity. They enable you to ground and centre and are ideal for clearing your energy field. I like to set an intention when I burn these to really ground in the energy I want to bring through whether such as:

  • clear stagnant or unwanted energy
  • raise the vibration of my space
  • energise me
  • bless myself, my space or sending blessings to others

They induce and sense of peace and calm which relieves burdens of stress and worry. This enables you to better serve your highest good. Regularly burning sage and palo santo around yourself and your environment helps to purify and renew.


Essential oils are great because they smell magnificent and they have a long history of being used for medicinal and healing purposes. When your environment is pleasurable to the senses it creates a wonderful environment that is uplifting and nurturing. 

Essential oil benefits come from their antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. They can be used in a variety of different ways to support a positive energy environment. Essential oil uses range from aromatherapy, household cleaning products, personal beauty care and natural medicine treatments. I recommend going with high quality, pure and organic essential oils as they will hold the most potency and highest vibration of the plant.


There is something enchanting and soothing about the sound of Bells and Chimes. I have a wind chime outside my bedroom window and I use my bells and my tibetan symbols for ceremonial use.

The harmonic sounds and tones work with the vibrational frequency of the environment and also rid the body of stress and emotional block. Because of their ability to attune you they are ideal for balancing chakras as well.

Playing high vibration music throughout the house is also a fantastic way to uplift your mood and establish a beautiful energy environment.

This blog is written by

~ Natalie Wagner ~

Intuitive Life Guide and Psychosomatic Therapist.



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Universal Message for 2017

Vibration 1 Year

AMAHLIA- Our Guardian for 2017. Gift card and A4 prints available for purchase.

AMAHLIA- Our Guardian for 2017. Gift card and A4 prints available for purchase.

2 + 0 + 1 + 7 =10 1 + 0 =1

This is the first numerology 1 year of this millennium. We have come out of the old paradigm (a 52,000 year cycle) and have entered a new paradigm. This means that 2017 brings a whole new amazing energetic opportunity for us. 

As 2017 in a Number 1 year (which relates to manifesting) it is vital that we are conscious of how we think and act as everything will be amplified. We can either move mountains or create them. You are encouraged to implement daily practices to cultivate positivity, compassion and forgiveness.

This can be:

  • Acts of Kindness, Peace and Love
  • Prayer
  • Making time for your passions
  • Gratitude
  • Meditation
  • Exploration
  • Healing
  • Self Love

2017 is a divine opening to where we must let our hearts guide us forward. It is here that we will release the wisdom of our soul and the vibration of Love. We are asked to bring forth and birth our higher selves here on earth. This will allow us to unlock our minds and access joy and abundance. As we move forward into this new space in time it is more important than ever that we intimately work with our gifts and connect strongly to our guiding senses. This is what will support and guide us to true freedom of expression and the possibilities of our dreaming. 

It is up to all of us to come together and realise the power within us and as a co-creative force of consciousness. We can achieve miraculous things and we must do this, so we can breakthrough old systems and beliefs we are being held back by and step into the magnificence of who we are.  


Number Vibration 1

New energy, advancement, creation, awakening gifts, actualising your higher self, alignment, begin, individuality, standing in your power, strength, activate, trust in the vision, growth, support, blooming, tribal roots, cosmic knowledge, earth medicine.


Amahlia is a Collaboration between Natalie and artist Shar Rose Creative

Amahlia is a Collaboration between Natalie and artist Shar Rose Creative

“Through mediation I asked for the naming of this beauty. Her name was Amahlia. It felt so right and when I looked at her I knew it was perfect. I decided to look up the meaning of the name Amahlia and what came through was very interesting. Amalia (as it is more traditionally spelt) actually translates to - ‘Work’. My initial reaction was very much like i am sure yours is, ‘Yuck...Work, NO THANKS!’ I mean it really couldn’t get any more un-glamorous than that right? I sat with it a moment more to uncover the divinity within her name and the important message she is here to share with us.

We have become so disenchanted by what we have come to know as ‘Work’.  Culturally our relationship with the word work is often associated with feelings of suffering, struggle, drain and ultimately a deep sense of being unfulfilled. Many people do not have a heart connection to the work they are doing and they are truly longing to find this connection.

In Hebrew Amahlia means God’s Work and when I couple this with the numerology meaning of 2017 (vibration 1 year), the true message is revealed and becomes clear. Amahlia is here to remind you that you can choose your path and you are encouraged to live from your Heart and follow your own inner guidance wherever it takes you. This is the only true work there is, living from the SOUL. This is your life to create! Do what makes you happy and know you are divinely perfect as you are. Who you are is all you need to be. This message combined with the vibration of 1 which is all stepping forward and standing strong in your deep knowing. You are beautiful, uniquely magical, and it's time to let the world see your amazingness. Amahlia shows you that the more you can be true to your inner calling, the more you will find fulfilment, purpose, and joy. ” Lots of Love ~ Natalie Wagner

I hope you enjoy and connect with the Beautiful Amahlia print and all that she has to share. Amahlia was created in collaboration with the wonderful artist Sharni from @sharrosecreative.






Staying Sane Through Intense Energy

If you are feeling a build up of frustration and irritation at yourself,  the people around you or the world in general- then here are my top 3 ways to getting your head right. Through these simple exercises you will gain a sense of clarity, calm and most importantly take back control of your life so you can experience a more uplifting state of being.

This blog can not come quick enough. In fact I probably should have done it at the start of the year considering how full on our 2016 has been. I am going to give you some healthy alternatives to help you avoid spiralling into toxic thought patterns and behaviours. I want to share with you some easy, down to earth and practical ways you can gain your sanity back when you are in a tornado of craziness. This will support you in creating an opportunity to change how you feel to be more positive and nurturing yourself back into harmony.


Exfoliating is a brilliant way to disperse compounding negative energy. I use natural products and organic where I can and this is ideal for this process as you are trying to bring yourself back into a natural state of being and clear away old layers the body doesn't need. It is symbolic of clearing away built up emotions and when you moisturise after it is soothing and nurturing bringing you into state of calm and gentleness with yourself.



When I was in school everyday after school I would come into my room and blast my favourite songs and make up a dance routine or fantasise about singing it really well at a public event and surprising everyone. ha ha I friggin loved it! I dont care how old you are, this is an amazing way to have an outlet for whatever mood you are in. It allows you to be in the driver seat of whatever energy  you are experiencing, rather than letting it control you. This expressive outlet can bring the emotion to the surface to be released, it can be very liberating and a lot of fun. GO ALL OUT AND DON'T HOLD BACK. If you're vain like me you it is essential to have a mirror so you can see the sick moves you are pulling out.


Dedicate a night to anything other than watching tv, using the computer or being on your phone. Does this mean I want you just sit in your house twiddling your thumbs being bored or bombarded by damaging thoughts , not at all! I want you to really experience the world. Having a no screen night is about creating the time to do the things you say you want to do but you dont have time for. Our technology can become distractions and create false busyness which becomes a wedge between what you really desire in your life. Suddenly by taking it out of the equation it gives you a whole evening available to your self care. Here are a list of activities that are ideal to utilise this time:

  • Be out in Nature
  • Go out to dinner with your family or friends
  • Do a yoga or meditation class
  • Read a book 
  • Do some writing or journalling
  • Light some candles and have a long bath (do step 1)
  • Clean your room and beautify your space
  • Sage your house
  • Play music in your house (do step 2)
  • Have an intimate night with your partner
  • Go shopping in a new area
  • Create a vision board
  • Cook a beautiful meal
  • Get a massage
  • Get a new haircut
  • Have an arts and crafts night
  • Go out for a picnic
  • Go see a band

Do these things and you will be well on your way to transforming your inner world and you will see how your outer world then starts to reflect more positively back to you as well. I hope this has sparked your inspiration. I'd love to hear any of your personal ways you get yourself out of a bad moods or down times. Feel free to leave a comment :) GOOD LUCK.


Psychosomatic Therapist and Intuitive Life Guide



Just F#&king Be Yourself

I'm evolving and I am not perfect, that is the truth and it's your truth too. I swear, I have bad days and I put it out there and talk about it , I like being a bit wild and out there and sometimes and I can be no bullshit and straight to the point,  when I feel it is necessary. I'm a Scorpio if you didn't already guess. These are parts of who I am and i believe they are all of value. However, not everyone sees it that way. I have faced opposition and pressure to hide aspects of myself from people who tell me what I need to change in order to be accepted or considered a good spiritual person. 

I have been told to only post positive things as people don't want to see my negative stories and it's my job to be uplifting. I have been told that swearing in my social media posts is unprofessional and it is going to negatively impact my business as people won't want to come see me. I'm sorry I must of missed the memo telling me that being a spiritual person suddenly means I'm not able to be human. How did these other people get this magical handbook on the rules of my life path and I didn't get a copy? ha ha

The benefit of these experiences is that it has allowed me really connect to my belief around this whole subject and what it is that I feel about this topic that I know impacts us all. It has only reaffirmed in me a stronger sense of self and a connection to the belief that drives me, which is that I do not need to hide who I am and neither do you. So here is my reasons of why I am going to continue to be me in ALL parts of my life, including in my business. I want people to be real with themselves and be open and honest, whatever that looks like because we shouldn't be ashamed or afraid to be ourselves.  I want to do everything I can to show the people that it's ok to be who you are.  How can I possibly ask others to be all of who they are if I am not willing to be all of me?. I am not here to uphold this unrealistic expectation of the person others think I should be. In fact my very purpose is to do the opposite. I am here to shatter that whole concept. Our key to happiness is to be who we are and half of our issues stem from the fact that we are hiding aspects of ourselves and feel the we wont be accepted if we follow our truth. When we do this we are living from a place of fear and it is so draining to the spirit. 

Aren't you sick and tired of holding up the facade!? This is what I hear from my clients everyday. They are exhausted and drained by keeping up an appearance of some sort and not being honest about who they are and what they feel. They feel pressured by a culture that says who and what they are “suppose” to be and it leaves them feeling trapped by their own lives. It is killing them from the inside out. They become so in their head with this battle of what's going on inside and what they show on the outer. This causes disconnection and confusion and as sense of powerlessness to change or even know where to start.

This is what fuels me and the work I am doing. I want people to see and learn how to come out of this cycle of suffering and get reconnected to who they really are and live authentically.  If I can show people another way by simply being my self, then I choose to do that because I know the larger meaning behind what it does for others when I can fully express my authentic self. My hope is that in seeing me in this way that it can opens the door others. When I speak up and say I am having a bad day I know that has the potential to open the conversation for someone else to go within themselves and be honest about how they feel. When a client is telling me why they can't do something and I say to them it's bullshit, it means I want them be honest with themselves, smash through their blocks with the truth and to know and see that they actually have options. This is intention of what I am do. I wanting my clients to connect to what's real beyond the fears. This is where amazing shift and healing experiences can be had. It is the most wonderful thing to see a person awaken to magical possibilities of their life and find the freedom to be themselves.

My approach may not be the way you thought spirituality was allowed to look like but I don't allow the rules for my life to be dictated by others at the expense of my true self and freedom of expression. This is my way. So I am going to swear, I'll be emotional, probably hilariously inappropriate at times, I will dare to do and say things others feel they can't and I will keep listening to my sexually explicit urban music everyday #spiritualbitcheslove2pac. Do I run the risk of turning some people off, of course, but it isn't my job to resonate with everyone. I am totally cool with that and it is not something I am striving for. I am simply here to try to shine the light of who I am as strongly as I can and be a messenger for others to know they can do the same.

It's time to get real and show all the weird and wonderful parts of yourselves. They are the best parts and no matter who you are or what combination you have going on, the more you can be who you are and live in alignment with that, the happier you will be. I am doing my part, in my way, to contribute to the creation of a world where people can break free of the restrictive and suffocating moulds to see the gifts of who they are, follow their hearts and be empowered to create and live their dreams. This is what I have discovered and I want to open that same door for as many people as I can. This is my heart filled intention and message behind all that I do.

If you are interested in how you can release the blocks to your own freedom of expression, book a session today.

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Healing - Awakening to Spiritual Living

Our senses are designed to help us navigate our environment and being in pain physically, mentally or emotionally is one of the best senses you have to alerting you to the fact that something is not right. In this way pain and discomfort are actually  powerful gateway to healing. The presence of pain is the intelligence of your body bringing your attention to areas of your life that are not in harmony. In this article I want to shift the perspective on pain and how you can respond to it to positively uncover your true path to healing.

By looking at the pains in your life differently and seeing the wonderful opportunities for growth and liberation, you will begin to understand its importance. It is a driver of transformation. When you let go of the restricting and limiting aspects of your life that are stifling your spirit, this allows you to find your truth, purpose and meaning, and be empowered to create and follow your happiness.

 We live in an age that encourages the disconnection from pain rather than accessing and connecting to its powerful message. You have a headache, take a pill. You're feeling upset, it not appropriate here so push it down and get on with it. You don't like the way something is, tough someone else is in control so you have to put up with it. This attitude and culture of trying to either numb from pain or keep people in suffering is concerning. A lot of the focus is on treating symptoms rather than the cause. Without looking to discover the source of the disturbances it is preventing us from receiving the healing we need and want. It's these blockers that are adding to the separation we feel from our happiness and soul purpose. When we ignore and dismiss the importance of the signs and symptoms that are presenting themselves, you stay in suffering which is not necessary. This act then separates you from our true knowing and in turn creates distrust for ourselves that is then projected on to others as blame. It can be easier for us to identify other people baggage and seek to attack that rather than look at our own. Blaming others is also a barrier to healing, as you disempower your own ability and responsibility to evolve and change. Your focus is required within and although the temptation is to try and change others , this avenue is fraught with disappointment that then get direct back to yourself as a failure. Our internal dis-ease with ourselves created disease. This is where it grows. The truth is that our knowing cannot be denied as we discover is we don't address our issues, they keep resurfacing and developing.

Have you ever caught yourself saying ‘this always happens to me’ or ‘i don't know why this keeps happening?’.  We have all said this at some point i am sure. This is how the universe works, you either work on understanding and acknowledging the discomfort you have or it gets worse and magnifies until you have no other choice but to take note and do the work necessary to bring in healing. This is not to be looked at as a punishment as there are layers to our healing that mean we may have to keep revisiting area of disharmony as we evolve and are ready to face the next layer.  

3 Steps to Healing

 'Healing is a process that involves every part of you' 

Pain affects every part of you and therefore we must look at the whole picture of what is occurring to be able to really shift it. Pain serves to bring your attention to something that wants to be looked at, acknowledged, learnt from and transformed to liberate the spirit and bring alignment with your true self. This Is done when you are willing to face the hard truths and your personal responsibility to do the work required to let go and transform parts of yourself that are not positively serving you. Here I have written 3 Steps to Healing that will guide you on your way. 

Step 1~ Acknowledge the Pain

Acknowledging the present signs and symptoms of pain and discomfort and what is not in alignment with your core

You must first acknowledge you are in pain in order to start the healing process. Sometimes to hardest thing can be to admit- I’m not happy, I don't feel good, something isn't right here. You want to uncover all the information there is about what you are experiencing. Here is where we expand the thought to understand ourselves more. Being an observer to our pain brings clarity.  Journaling is recommended here and if you feel to drill it down further absolutely go with that instinct. 

 Ask yourself the following:

·         What is my pain? Describe it in detail

·         Is this a pattern or behaviour that you feel stuck in? Why do you feel unable to change it?

·         Where is it coming from? Are other people involved?

·         How is it affecting me mentally, physically, emotionally?  

We are a Body, Mind and a Soul and the vitality of one will affect the other and there for true healing must be observed as a whole. For example you may be experiencing a conflict with someone that is causing you EMOTIONAL distress as you feel you can't express yourself. This emotional distress is building up in the body and manifesting in the PHYSICAL as sore shoulders that have started to roll forward. The body position and suppression of emotions is playing on your mind and MENTALLY you start to find it difficult to get out of a negative mindset in general. The awareness of the overall effect is vital.

You are now opening your awareness to look at interconnectedness that is at play and uncovering the bigger picture. The power in doing this is important to our personal growth and evolution. We must go through this natural cycle in our life to be enlightened of our burdens and restrictions. It is through our everyday experience we are always being shown how to return home to ourselves and be more of who we are. You may have noticed already  by the acknowledgement step you are have discovered some new detail or information. This is the key to unlocking the lessons and the learnings. By seeing the truth in its fullest we are more empowered. Often we shy away from looking at our problems like this as we feel it may only increase the pain but it is in fact the key. And possibly that is what we are afraid of doing, actually stepping up and doing what is required. The aim however is to transform your pain into the stimulus for liberating you away from negative patterns, behaviours, job or relationships that are preventing you from loving yourselves and your life.


Step 2~ Your True Desire

Re-discovering your truth and connecting to your higher purpose

 This step is about connecting to our core truth. The souls desire for our life, happiness and wellness. The soul is our higher self and its motivation is to remember our true function which is to simple be who we are. It knows where we truly want to be and what we want from our life, relationships, career and overall wellbeing .It give you clear vision to see past the pain to where we want to be. This is our leverage and helps us be energised by our infinite possibilities. It provides motivation that is not outside of ourselves but driven from a fundamental core connection.

 Ask yourself the following: 

·         How do I want to feel?

·         How do I want my Relationships/Career/Home to feel?

·         What do I want to be doing ?

·         What is my biggest dream for my life?


 Step 3~Walking Towards Healing

It up to you to building a bridge from where you are, to where we want to be. This may require some hard steps to take but remind yourself of what you are walking towards.

Each step great or small is important. When you take action the universe responds, when you make space and affirm you want better you are preparing yourself to receive this.

 Ask yourself the following: (Journaling is recommended)

·         How can I bring healing to my pain?

·         What am I willing to do for myself to be happy/healthy?

·         How can I create the life I want?

·         What are the steps I am going to take today to be living a life that positively serves me?


Action:                                                                                                             Date:

Action:                                                                                                             Date:

Action:                                                                                                            Date:

Action:                                                                                                             Date:

Action:                                                                                                             Date:

ACTION AFFIRMATION: I am going to action the following as a commitment to what I know I want and I am willing to start taking the steps required to actualise what is for my highest good. I do this because I am worthy and I love myself.

 Small actions lead to big change , so start now and you will be well on your way to healing.

 It's time to GROW! Over the coming months I will be sharing with you an expanded and evolved offering as Body Mind and Soul Awakening steps into her next level of being. I welcome you to continue this journey with me and join my online community where I share ways for you to: 

  • discover the knowing inside you
  • break through barriers to happiness, health and wellness
  • connect to your gifts to find meaning and purpose 
  • reclaim your energy to gain clarity and direction

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Chakra Wisdom - Awakening to Spiritual Living

Have you ever had the experience of knowing what to do in a situation to make yourself feel better?

For example:

  •   I feel really tired and I know if I do some exercise I'm going to feel recharged
  •  To make my tummy ache go away I need to stop eating gluten
  • I’m not happy in my job and how I am treated. I should  really go out there and start discovering what I want to do and what other options I have

And then you don't do it! Why is that?

You often know what is the right thing for yourself and what would be in your best interest. It is the going against or ignoring the knowing that can create and manifest feelings of, guilt, anger, depression, sadness and/or hopelessness. You start saying, “You idiot, why didn't you do that?” or “You are so lazy and fat, it's too late for you to make any changes. You're never going to be able to do it so don’t even bother!”

It can go down a bad path and the truth is we all do this every day in varying degrees. It is an unspoken war that is going on in all of us. We have an internal battle where something within us prevents us from what we truly want. This is our quest in life to shed away these limiting thoughts and behaviours so that we can live our life in freedom to be who we are. When we are liberated in this sense and expressing our true selves, we really connect to our own being and start to feel the true intention of life; joy, happiness, peace, love. When you surrender your suffering, and the baggage that has been accumulated along the way, you are able to rise to your potential in amazing ways. It is this personal evolution and growth that I hope to teach you about in this article.

I will be teaching you some fundamental knowledge about Chakra and beginning to introduce you to the concept of the emotional anatomy associated with them to build your understand of the wisdom and insight of Chakras. Connecting these two is very powerful and something that truly opens your world. That is why I became a Psychosomatic Therapist; it gives me this greater understanding and view on everything and everyone. By looking at the body, each chakra location and the condition of each area on the body we can identify and acknowledge old experiences and habits your body is carrying. The awareness of what your body is holding on to helps you to facilitate their release, which opens the doorway for new experiences.

Chakras are amazing knowledge centres that can provide insight into your energy flow, your blocks and/or challenges and most importantly they allow you to see your amazing gifts and strengths. From this knowledge you can identify what you are holding on to that is causing you to feel stuck in limiting behaviors or negative physical and mental patterns. From understanding the languages of your amazing body you can begin to visually see the stories that have affected you and what may be having a negatively impact on your wellbeing. Awareness on this level is the key to shifting and change. The process of looking at ourselves in this way gives us that opportunity. Once we are aware, we are empowered and from this place we can create transformation and restore our energy flow to positively serve our spirit.

You are always with your body. Every experience, physically, emotionally and mentally the body is there for it all. It is therefore natural for our life, and what we experience, to literally shape who we are. All experiences, bad and good, form who we are and are a natural part of life. We learn through good times and bad times, this is a natural part of growth and evolution. However, what we tend to do is hold on to things that are really causing us toxicity and we can often do this out of fear as we don't want to make the same ‘mistakes’ as we have in the past.

I am aware of a thought pattern I created as a young girl. There was an event that I was extremely excited about and was desperately hoping for. Life, as it often does, threw a curve ball my way and things did not pan out how I had hoped. I remember being devastated. I remember crying beside my bed very upset. I have the strong memory of telling myself “From now on I will always expect the worst. If things happen to work out I can be pleasantly surprised.” For a long time I didn't really strive hard for things. I never pushed myself and was happy with coasting along in the middle because then I couldn't fall far. I had no expectations for myself and no one really pushed me. In this I prevented myself from getting hurt. Sounds great right?  In truth it was debilitating. This thought pattern was holding me back. You can see how a seemingly innocent thought structure I put in place to live by would eventually become something that would prevent me from striving for what I really wanted and needed in life. This is represented in my body shape as I have a sucked in waist (hourglass shape) that shows this holding back in my action. This is not a traditional family shape, as my mother and grandmother are very different. I chose to create from fear and carry it with me. I could have allowed myself to feel the sadness of that experience and then forgiven myself. I could have used that experience to empower myself to try again and take the learning with me and continue to follow my heart.

In choosing love you create flow. In choosing fear you create a burden.

Every person's life is different and therefore every body is different. When you begin to  unlock and connect to the language of your body, you have a valuable tool for self understanding and can really shift the way we all look at ourselves and each other. It allows you to connect deeper and start to see what is beyond the layers and bring in the healing we need. You can connect to the true core of who you are that is pure love; for yourself, others and life. In the world we live in there is so much junk out there that seeks to limit our vision and  keep our focus on the superficial. I want you to begin to really see. You are a miracle and your life is meant to be enjoyed. In looking beyond the surface level, you will start to connect with the soul. A wide nose becomes a person who supports others and is willing to share. A cleft chin becomes someone who is adventurous and extremely adaptable. Wrinkles diagonally across the cheekbones become a person of great courage. All this information is represented in the body shape and condition and will offer amazingly accurate insight into who you are. Sometimes you may get lost and feel like you forgotten who you are so having this available to you as part of your self awareness is fantastic.

This introduction to the Chakras and Emotional Anatomy will help you develop a foundation understanding of this work. In this article I will be introducing you to:

  • basic concepts of each chakra
  • some of the body parts associated with each chakra and what these areas of the body represent.
  • how you can identify within yourself if it is related to your internal world or external world
  • activities you can introduce to promote healing if you feel you have a block

  Click the link here to start connecting to yourself and other through the wisdom of the Chakras

Chakra Wisdom


If you are interested in experience it for yourself please contact me to enquire about booking a session.

Moon Energy - Awakening to Spiritual Living

Art by Joshua Drake

Art by Joshua Drake

The Moon is a magnificent beacon in the sky that holds many mysteries and stories in cultures all around the world. Most certainly in your lifetime you have looked up in wonder and marvelled at this extraordinary light in the sky. I have come to really connect with the symbolism of Nature and the Moon plays an important role in my spiritual practice which I want to share with you.

 It is widely known that the word Lunatic comes from the word Luna (Moon). If you have ever worked in an office or retail job it's often a joke that “it must be the Full Moon, the crazies are out”. The Moon effect may be talked about on this surface level but it is fair to say that there is a sense that the Moon has long been associated with heightened states of activity which affects people in different ways. In looking through the scientific research I found there is much contention surrounding the Moons effects on Humans and most of it dismisses any connection. The common theory, and one I was personally told along my journey, is that as the moon affect the tides, especially on nights like the Full Moon and New Moon. We as humans are made up of mostly water therefore we too are affected by the moon in powerful ways. This gave me validity to what I felt and experienced and it made so much sense to me. I am looking forward to providing you with the details on how this worked to deepen your understanding. When looking into the traditional research aspect, there is a lot of evidence that counters the belief of any connection to the point of considering it an absurd notion. At first I was slightly taken aback… oh how they naysayers are going to love this. Do I pretend I didn't see it? This however brought up a relevant point that I wasn't expecting but I strongly believe I was called to address for you as you embark on the path of spiritual living. I saw a recent quote by one of the most incredible scientific minds ever, Albert Einstein who said “ The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Intuition simply means getting in touch with our senses and instincts. In the world we live in where the focus is often very mentally driven, we have desensitised our ability to feel and have true connection. As part of your own evolution and self-discovery you are going to be challenged by this battle between the Mind and Heart, the Thinking and Feeling. When we purely focus on matters of the mind it can distracts us from the knowing we so long for that we already have residing in our heart.

So I then ask myself ‘Do I need a piece of research to validate a knowing I already have?’ I know this for sure that there are things in life that we feel and experience that cannot be explained by science yet which have been proven time and time again. The message is that you must trust your own knowing, even when others would have you think otherwise. If you start disbelieving in your natural instincts and you go against them then you are truly lost. I do also believe it is vital to our experience to be challenged in our beliefs as we all carry beliefs and thought patterns that are limiting to our spirit. New information can provide that missing piece of the puzzle that liberates us into a new way of being and in this moments we feel it so strongly inside. Other times these experiences of being dismissed, rejected and told it's not real or impossible can diminish our spirit and cause us to hide aspects of ourselves in order to be accepted with the ‘norm’. So will you choose the intuitive mind or the rational one? That is up to you of course and it may be a good exercise to see which mind you are using more and how it's making you feel. I see it as an opportunity to deepen your own inner understanding. When we are in touch with a sense of and the world around us we can open up to infinite knowledge, wisdom and connection.

The Moon works with our energy and seeks to bring us balance. This practice is actually part of my self-care ritual as it is all about taking time out to check in with you. I do Moon Ceremonies to tune in and keep my energy clear and positive and recalibrate to be at my energetic best. When you take time to drop into feeling and experiencing our senses mindfully it can provide you with clarity, direction and peace of mind. This is what we want more of. By doing this we balance out the mental energy that can be overwhelming and create anxiety, stress and mind fog. It is natural for us to experience both dark and lighter times and feel the push and pull of life as we go through experiences that shape who we are. We often question this process. Why must I go through this? Can't it just be easy? The Moon does not question the phases of life. It simply flows with it. The Moon knows that the Light follows the Dark and it trusts in it. When you learn to embrace the processes of your life you will see that everything in life is an opportunity to help us break free into a new realm of being that better serves us. When you have this awareness and you actively participate in the seasons on your life then you are living with purpose. The Moon is our guide through the natural phases of life that we experience.  Let me Explain…Like us it goes through Phases, Light and Dark and Pushing forward and Pulling in. The two moon phases I work with are the Full Moon and the New Moon.  Both Moons each have their own specific purpose in helping us and I will be explaining how you can tune in and harness this energy in your own Moon Ceremony. 

The Full Moon is when the Moon is at its fullest and brightest.  

Cleanse and Clear ~Surrender and Let go of what is not serving you~  Reenergise

Masculine/ External /Taking action to release and let go/ High Energy/ Intensity/ Action

When the Moon is at its fullest, its energy is pulling things to the surface. The Recharge value of the moon is the strongest so this is the night we put our crystals out to be cleanses and recharged. In the time of the Full Moon you may be frustrated and emotional. This is our resistance in this time that blocks our opportunity to work through what arises. If you can allow yourself to observe what is happening, rather than play into the drama, and then show a willingness to surrender from it, then you are able to shift it and actually be energising positively. This is what the Full Moon is calls us to do. It seeks to show us what is not in harmony and is not serving our spirit so we can free ourselves of it and let it go. This is why around the Full Moon time you may feel unsettled and of kilter. Remember that what comes up cannot exist if it wasn't already inside you. This is about taking responsibility for our actions and being willing to be shown a different way that will help us create inner peace.

Click the Full Moon Ceremony link and enjoy a beautiful Full Moon Ceremony 



New Moon is when the Moon is at its fullest and in darkness.

 Connecting in ~ Creating your desires ~ Manifesting with the universe

Feminine /Internal/ Encouraging us to go deep within to discover our light / Aligning with your heart/ Discovering new found purpose

 When we are in the phase of the New Moon(Dark Moon) it is asking us to go within. This is a time when you want to get still, quiet and listen. Being still is an important thing to do in our natural cycle. For many of us being still is a hard as it may bring up feelings of guilt as you may think it is unproductive or that it may mean facing what you are running from. The truth is that this is where the magic of who you are can be discovered. It is where answers to your prayers exist. When you allow yourself the time to truly connect you can have a wonderful conversation with your higher self that will bring you in alignment with your gifts and your unique purpose that you. The New Moon is all about empowerment and giving you the opportunity to rediscover your passions and give you a growth burst of manifesting energy to help you start creating the life you were born to live. You must know that you were created on purpose, as you are, to live your purpose. The universe wants to work with your faith in yourself and show you the true power that exist inside you. It is about planting the seeds of your intentions and cultivating your ideas and clearing the way for your visions to surface in reality


Click the New Moon Ceremony link and enjoy a beautiful New Moon Ceremony 


I hope you will join me in celebrating these Luna events and doing your own special moon ceremony. I would love to hear how you go and dont forget to tag any photos of your ceremony  #AWAKENTOLIFE @BODYMINDANDSOULAWAKENING.

The next New Moon will be on the 9th of February and on the Full Moon will be on the 23rd of February  

To find out the specific time of the Moon where you live visit 


Extraordinary image of the Moon and Earth by Nasa

Extraordinary image of the Moon and Earth by Nasa

11:11 - Awakening to Spiritual Living

Art work by Joshua Drake

Art work by Joshua Drake

Do you see 11:11 regularly when you look at your phone or do you notice repeating number or triple numbers on car number plates.  Is it a strange coincidence? or is the Universe is trying to get your attention with an important message. I was first introduced to the concept of numbers when I attended my first ever Spiritual Development class in 2013. One of the students and now my good friend explained how she receives messages from her angels and guides in seeing triple numbers. I was fascinated by this concept and found it interesting that I had a friend around me at the same time who was quite obsessed with seeing the number 11:11 on her phone. To be honest I thought she was being a bit silly and I had dismissed this as her body clock aligning with that time because she was so focused on it. I would soon learn there was much more to discover. When I opened up to this amazing connection I would experience the true magic of receiving messages through numbers.

 My friend explained that when she sees triple number on number plates of cars that’s when she knows she is receiving a message. The triple numbers easily stand out and because the number is repeated its vibration is amplified so you know the message is strong. After hearing this I thought 'I want to start seeing numbers!', so I started to open my eyes and be conscious of my surroundings so I was ready to see the signs when they came.  I was so eager, verging on desperate as anywhere I drove I looked around to see if I would spot any triple numbers... but I got nothing. For 2 weeks I looked, getting frustrated and thinking triple numbers must be rare or something.

This one day I had been looking hard and again to no avail. I was at the local shopping centre and as I walked to my car in my fed up state I said to myself “Just stop looking so hard!'. In that moment I looked up and in front of me was a set of triple numbers on either side of me  222 and a 333. I was so ecstatic almost verging on tears as I took a picture and promptly googled angel number messages for 222 and 333. The messages were so relevant to my life at that time and the transformation I was going through. On that day I began my love of numbers and understanding their messages and meaning. And so begun my beautiful and powerful relationship with numbers that continues to grow and develop today. 


The Bigger Picture

 If you imagine a light switch which has an Off and an On switch, we have 0 as representing OFF and 1 as being ON. So when you start to see 111 or 11:11 it’s a turning on or an activation of your light in a way. That is why 11:11 is also known as the Awakening Code. You will often find that you start seeing the 11:11 or 111 at a time in your life when you are experiencing big changes and upheavals. It is in this time that you are realising or already making changes in your life to let go of anything that has been feeling inauthentic to your spirit. It can feel like you either follow your truth or you die and there is a death of sort occurring, as you shed the deadened layers of the old you and start aligning and following a more powerful connection to your true self. Visually 11 can also represents the spiralling twin strands of human DNA moving into higher frequency of consciousness which is part of our purpose on earth, evolution. When seeing the 111/11:11 it’s a sign that you are being called to step up at a powerful level to enact change. 

Alison Mackey/DISCOVER

Alison Mackey/DISCOVER

The study of Epigenetics gives us new insight in that behavioural epigenetics which tells us those traumatic experiences in our past, or in our recent ancestors’ past, leave molecular scars adhering to our DNAIt has been told that we each hold 7 generations of information inside us, so by activating this memory is can help us to connect to our Karmic lessons and what we may have to shift in this lifetime in order to advance ourselves forward and on a larger scale become more conscious. This awakening serves to revealing our individual and unique path of enlightenment, which simple means to make ourselves lighter by shedding our fear and limiting behaviours and begin to live from a place of love and compassion that gives us true fulfilment and purpose to life.

 The more of us who follow this path the bigger impact this has on the collective in creating a positive force in the world that encourage us all to rise up and lift our vibration so we can change the world. Change the World! wow that escalate quickly hahaha but it’s true. This is what is required on a global level as we live in a time where we are allowing things to occur and making decisions based on fear rather than love. We can see this in acts of terrorism, corporate corruption and wars based on financial and material gain from government who are exploiting the earth’s resources. These are outward manifestation of what is happening on the inside each one of us. Have you ever had a day where you have been terrorised by your own thoughts? a constant barrage of negativity and conflicting ideas that made you feel that you are stuck, worthless and unable to get out of that dark place. Then you are a terrorist at war with yourself.

How you treat yourself, Your Body which is your personal Planet, has a great importance and impact more than you have possibly ever considered before. The more love and care you put into yourself, you begin to radiate a wonderful energy. When others see this, is sparks their own positive potentially, so they may seek to grow their light, which radiates on to the next person and so on and so on until we start changing on a larger scale. It starts with you but where is ends up is Miraculous. In this way we can influence the highest levels and we could see governments and corporations implementing positive structure that support this way of living and before you know it we live in a different world.  One that supports freedom, individuality, authenticity, connection and community, truth and love. Now that a world I want to be a part of, that's a world I can see a bright future for.

 How to connect with your Number Messages

The great Pythagoras said that everything in the Universe is mathematically precise, and that each number has its own vibration and meaning. Numbers are a universal language so it is accessible to all and connects us to ONENESS which is why your angel and guides chooses to connect with you through this language. Numbers are a shorthand code between the universe and us and will give you amazing support, guidance and confirmation of your direction and path.

The best and easiest way I can think of to help you start your connection to your Angel Messages in Number is this- You know how when you were growing up and you thoughts how will I know when I am in love and we are told ‘you just know!’ Well you follow the same inner instincts when it comes to numbers. And because we are trying to follow the path of self-love, it just makes sense that the same principles apply to knowing when you are getting a message through numbers.

The Feeling~ You will get a feeling inside which is the knowing. This can often be the hardest part because we lack the trust. Doreen Virtue says "we often discount the signs they give us, writing them off as coincidence or your own imagination". You may get the feeling when you look at the number that it just stands our more or you may even get a pre-emptive feeling like...I need to keep my eyes open right now. The more you can trust the feeling and explore it the stronger the affirmation and confirmation you continue to work with the universe through numbers/ will get as you continue to develop this sight.

Law of attraction~ It will catch your eye... there will be thousands of numbers a day but the ones you are supposed to see will seem to stand out to you. Triple numbers are great at standing out but it can also be any combination of number that call to you.

Synchronicity~ You will just seem to keep bumping into the same number, a coincidence or meant to be! You may start seeing the same number repeating itself throughout the day or you may like find you are waking up at the same strange time each night. You want to be looking up these numbers. Your experience can be varied from seeing the same number next to each, throughout the day or a day where you see triple numbers everywhere.


The Confirmation

It will be the most amazing feel when you connect to numbers and start realising that you have a direct connection to Divine Support that seeks to encourage you, share wisdom and knowledge, and empower you on your path. Those first numbers I saw in that parking lot came at a time when I was in a mess and was beginning to realising the path I had been on was killing me and this new and seeming "unconventional path" was awaiting me. These were the messages of my numbers that day.

222~ The message of Angel Number 222 is that everything will turn out for the best in the long-term.  Do not put your energies into negativity – be aware that all is being working out by spirit for the highest good of all involved.  Repeating Angel Number 222 is also reminding you to keep up the good work you are doing, as the evidence of your manifestations are coming to fruition. ~ Joanne Sacred Scribe

333~ With the number sequence 333 repeating, the message is to have faith in humanity.  The Ascended Masters are working with you on all levels.  They love, guide and protect you – always.  When the Angel Number 333 repeats in your life you are asked to call upon the Ascended Masters for love, help and companionship. They will give you guidance along your path, and if feeling perplexed or confused as to your life purposecall upon the angels and Ascended Masters to assist.  They are waiting for your call. ~ Joanne Sacred Scribe

I hope this article has inspired you to connect on a deeper level and I would love to hear about your experience with numbers so feel free to comment and upload your own amazing photos at  #awakeningtospiritualliving @bodymindandsoulawakening

Tools I use to look up my number

Joanne Sacred Scribe:

Doreen Virtue Angel Numbers 101 app


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Other Symbols you may notice during your Awakening

Awaken to Life Etsy Store Launch

When I was a child I always took great joy in collecting things I thought were special from nature. I loved the thrill of exploring and for hours I could scour the beach collecting shells or find a colourful rock that I could wet and draw with on the side of the road. This wonderment and enjoyment has never left me and as I started this journey back to connection with myself , it was natural for my connection to nature to also blossom. My first session with my Psychosomatic Therapist she asked me to pick a crystal that I was drawn to that will help us with our session. I absolutely love doing little things like this and thought it wonderful how the crystal I chose exactly matched my current situation. Around that same time I did a Spiritual Development course in which we all got crystals and I started to learn about the power and importance of crystals in this line of work and how they were wonderful allies to have.

I started forming a small but much loved collection and sharing with others how I was beginning to carry certain ones around at certain times. Citrine if I needed more confidence, personal power and energy as it helps with the Solar Plexus Chakra or Celestite for mental calm and clarity amidst any chaotic circumstance and it helps with the Throat Chakra. I loved the confirmation of the connection to crystals you get as each time I would go into the crystal store feeling a certain way I would always been drawn to the exact one I needed without even knowing anything about the crystal. Its an effortless relationship that simply requires you to trust what you are drawn to and what feels right.

I wanted to be able to share the magic and love I have of crystals with others, so I created my Spiritual Boxes. Each crystal is hand picked by me and a lot of love and care goes in to ensuring these Awaken to Life Spiritual Boxes are special.

🎵 High Vibrational Music ~ When creating the Spiritual Boxes I play high vibrational music because it helps me feel good and the crystals just love the good vibes.

🙏🏻 Law of Attraction ~ Crystals work on the law of attraction to help find their perfect owner. I tune in with this energy and allow the crystals to tell me which ones want to go together. I then trust that I have made the perfect box that's just waiting t...o win the heart of the person who is meant to have it.

🌿 Re-Earthing ~ Crystals often go on a big journey before we get them. I like to Re-Earth my crystals by placing them in the garden to bring them back into harmony and balance so they are nice and clear.

🌕 Full Moon Cleanse and Charge ~ Like us, crystals absorb energy so it's important that they are cleanse and recharge. The Full Moon is the best time to do this and will ensure your crystals perform at their fullest energetic potential. The night before the boxes go on sale is the Full Moon so when you get your box it will be filled with lots of magical energy.


The Philosophy behind the Spiritual Boxes

"This Spiritual Box was made with a great love for the magic of Nature and seeks to help you discover the magic that exists inside you"
Just as a crystals is created under Divine Pressure, so are you. Pressure is a naturally occurring energy force we all experience. When we start to see it as Divine pressure we see that the true nature of it existence in our life is to help us the grow and emerge in a new and beautiful way, just as a crystal does.
"Mother Nature has always been here to share her ancient wisdom"
With every lesson in life you face, it serves to ultimately help you uncover your true self which often requires going down some hard roads. Like a good friend, crystals seeks to share the wisdom of their experience to help you on your path to self discovery. Crystals are created under powerful circumstance and theyhave their own amazingly unique energy and are strong allies to have in times of need.
"When you connect to the beautiful energy of Nature, you open the connection to your own inner wisdom and power."
Crystals are the masters of the law of attraction. They connect in with you and use that connection to bring you together with the exact crystal you need to help you with your current situation. They simply know what your soul requires and they draw you as if to say 'I am here for you'. So when picking a box TRUST the attraction as it will be this energy already at work to bring you together.

So if you would like to purchase your own magical Spiritual Box please go to

Remember trust what captures your eye even if it doesn't appear to be something you would normally choose because in the end it will be the perfect one for you.

Australia to Ibiza for a pair of Boots

The Unexpected Tale

For those who have been following my story about why I went to Ibiza you will know that the main reason I went was for a pair of boots from Emonk Ibiza. Ahh but the story was so much more than that as I began to realise the law of attraction, synchronicity and symbolism was really what was at play and I just need to trust the process of the bigger picture. So here is how my Ibizan Adventure unfolded with all the twist and turns and revelations learnt along the way.

As I get on my flight from Rome to Ibiza the hostesses name was Angeles, I nice little sign to reassure me that the Angels were with me. I couldn't get a direct flight from Sicily to Ibiza so I had flown from Catania to Rome, then Rome to Ibiza. As I waited at baggage claim in Ibiza airport and more and more people claimed their bags, I started to panic slightly as mine was nowhere in sight. Just as I felt my nerves getting the better of me thinking my luggage might be lost in the transfer,  a girl in front of me turns around and her top says " Its All Right". Pretty cool i'm thinking as I take a relaxing deep breath and then bag comes into sight. The magic had already begun!

I had organised to do a retreat whilst I was in Ibiza with Kirsty Gallagher called Autumn Equinox Goddess Retreat (full blog on my retreat to come shortly). I hired a car with my retreat room mate Hayley so we could get around in between retreat activities to do what we like... such as getting my boots. I decided to venture into town on the tuesday to go to the Emonk Ibiza store and one of the ladies on retreat with me, Emma, asked to join me. I was thankful to have someone with me to help navigate me and generally enjoy the experience with. So we set of with our directions and we had the GPS on Emmas phone to also help guide us so I was feeling good about getting there. Fast forward 90minutes later, now keeping in mind it only should of taken us 30mins to get into town, and things were not feeling great. We were given the advice to go was in a certain marina to find the store which turned out not to be correct. We parked the car and started walking the streets to try and find the shop all the while I was busting to go to the toilet and Emma was feeling faint and needed some food. It soon became apparent that we were not in the right place. We than decided to try Ibiza Town as Emma was sure she had seen something similar to my boots. Already frazzled and in as state of exhausted alertness we got into town and the GPS was sending us into tiny streets doing a circle. I was feeling myself pushing in desperation to make this thing happen and it didn't feel great. I was looking around wide eyed at the street name when we suddenly hear a BAM! I had hit my side rear view mirror on a parked car causing it to snap in towards the car. There was no damage but this event alone caused me to shut down completely and I said "Emma we are going home, I'm done". I started thinking , they are only boots, what does it matter, if it is going to be this hard then i'm not interested. I just wanted things to be easy, and why couldn't they be easy...ahhh. Not happy!

By this time everyone on my retreat was aware of the Boot story so when I got back they said "Where are the shoes?" I told them briefly the story with a glumish look on my face and my room mate Hayley said " Didn't you say they were at the Hippie Market? You know we are going there tonight, so you can get them then." The colour returned to my face and I was like "Oh brilliant . Ok great, but you are driving Hayley" How did I put myself through all that when we were going to the markets tonight anyway hahaha. I definatley needed a nap to reset myself.

All the girls piled into our cars and headed to Las Dalias the famous hippy markets in Ibiza. It was very exciting as i was with all the girls and i just love exploring markets. We only had an hour at the market to have a good look around so it was every women for herselfand I was confident I would  find the stall I was after. When I first caught a glimps of the Emonk stall it was like recognising an old friend. I was nervous, excited and happy and I took a little pause to take in the fact that I was actually here, all the way from Australia. I was like a bug to a light being drawn to shoes and I had to reach out and touch them to make sure it was real. A lovely lady approached me and offered to help me and I was straight into trying all the boots on. I told her that I had written a blog about the boots I loved them so much. Then I noticed a gentleman working in the store and I thought that has the be Leo one of the designer. In the midst of trying on shoes and hats I caught his eye and asked if he was the designer which he replied yes. I said to him " Hi , Im Natalie from Australia,  I wrote a blog about your shoes" He gave me one of the nicest warmest hugs I have ever received and was genuinely happy to see me. His partner Virginia was unwell so she wasn't at the stall that night but he insisted on calling her to let her know I was there. I then got on the phone and had a lovely chat with Vir and we decided in a few days time we would meet at the store and try on a wider selection of boots and then share stories over a drink. Leo explained how they had been touched by reading my story and I was in turn touched by their touchedness ( I don't think that is a word).  It was such a beautiful feeling of connectedness of our stories from other sides of the world and through an unlikely source. I loved it!  I had come for the boots but I was falling in love with everything and I was wearing one of their wonderful hats as I was trying on the shoes. I asked Leo if he could bring it to the store when we meet up because I think I was in love and would like the hat as well.

Leo: " I would like you to have the hat".

Me: "No" . That's right my first word in response to his gesture was NO and it was kind of strong No too. Seeing Leos facial reaction made it even more obvious how strange this had been for me to say. It made me quickly go in my head  'wow what the f@!k did you just say'.

Leo:" NO? you don't want the hat?" he looked at me confused

ME: " I meant to say, are you serious?"

Leo: "Yes it looks great on you, we want you to have it"

Me :" THANK YOU! I absolutely love it!"  I got there in the end. We shared another grateful hug or two and we agreed to be in touch on Thursday and meet up.

I walked away with my new hat on my head and so filled up from the experience I couldn't look or really take in any other shop. I was just in a stunned state and wandering around with a big smile on my face. When I met back up with the girls they were like 'Are you ok? hey nice hat! did you find the shoe place?. '

There is a time to Give and a time to Receive

It took me a while to snap out of it and when I did I started thinking why had I said No. Why was that my first reaction to a lovely gesture No? What part of me is so quick to say No to receiving? I started thinking when I meet up with them I have to give them something. Maybe I'll give them a reading or give them a gift. I need to do something, because surely I am not enough. And that is what it boils down to, I didn't feel I was enough. I didn't feel worthy in that moment and I was not comfortable to receive because I didn't feel I was enough. I felt I needed to display more value to make it a good experience for Leo and Vir. WOW Ummm that's a bit of a surprise self realisation out of simple experience, but it message was strong and demonstrated so clearly. I think a lot of us can relate to this on some level whether you are someone who is quick to reject a compliment or someone who gives and gives and gives to others thinking it is the path to fulfilment but we forget to give to ourselves. You are then left feeling so depleted that no amount of receiving is enough to fill the gap you have created. Maybe culturally we have lead ourselves to believe it isn't the right way and that we should always be giving but I believe the message has been confused. We forget to give to ourselves because maybe we think it will be perceived as selfish, I think its different for everyone. I see now is that receiving is such a precious thing. Gestures of kindness, compliments and magical moments are sent to us to help remind us of our true magic. They are to be held in keep for moments when you may need to draw upon your magic in harder times. If you deplete yourself by over giving and deflect or block the act of receiving, you just perpetuate the cycle of not feeling fulfilled. When you are fully open to receiving, than you experience the miracles. Because that what it is, a divine moment to be accepted with gratitude so you can see yourself as the miracle that you are. And that maybe why it can be hard to receive because if we are actually saw ourselves in this glorious miracle that we are, then we just might have to start really stepping up in our lives to our fullest and brightest potential.

So the story continues...

Leo had kindly given me his contact number so we could organise out meet up with Vir on the Thursday. I phoned ahead on the Wednesday to give them a heads up when I would be arriving but the phone line was busy both times. Oh this is not good, how will I let them know when I'll be there? All good i will shoot them a messenger on the facebook page. I let them know I would be at the store on Thursday at noon and i look forward to seeing them then. I gotreply from the store saying 'that's great I'll let them know'. PERFECT! A new friend from the retreat Jayne had seen the shoes in another shop not realising they were the same ones I was in love with them and decided to join me as she wanted to get her own pair. I was thrilled another person dare join me on this adventure after last attempt but we were much better informed and things were organised this time so I felt good. We arrived in the right place and found the shop with ease but as i looked in there was no Leo and no Virginia. I asked the shop assistant if they were in the shop today...she said no. Insert panic. Ok, let me give them a call and see if I can get through. Leo answered and explained he had not received my messages as its usually only at midday he receives the online messages and he also couldn't come in that day. I was gutted because I had in my mind how the day was going to go and now it was quickly loosing its shine. I had to make the choice to go ahead with trying on the shoes because our retreat schedule meant that it was really my last opportunities to get them. So I tried on pair after pair of the boots and none of them were singing to me. I kept on trying more and still not getting that feeling. This cant be happening! oh my lord. Jayne was looking at me and she just knew i wasn't feeling it. I again found myself in a place where I had to look at the situation and make a decision how I was going to allow myself to feel. I could let the negative emotions take over and shut down or I can remain open to things being different and going with the flow of that. I decided to try on the sandal version of the shoes which had never really appealed to me before but I saw a pair that had a green stone on the front of them and they stood out to me. I decided to give them a go and PING! These are the ones! YAY! to my surprise because i never even planned to get anything but the boots but the sandals were beautiful. Plus it totally made more sense that i get sandals for the Australian Climate it means i will get much better wear out of them.

Things don't always go to plan, but its all part of the plan

Despite all the effort to organise to meet up it just didn't work out. Even after i extended my time in Ibiza for another two days, I still didn't manage to meet up with Leo and Virginia(dam Mercury Retrograde). In the end what I learnt is that i got what i really need, in shoe and in lessons. The sandals were perfect and unexpectedly so. I had expectations on the day that it would be a certain way with a certain outcome but on that day the universe had other plans. I was saddened when Leo and Virginia weren't there and then when the boots were connecting with me I was fretting thinking 'ohh my god they gave me a hat and now I am not going to buy anything, they will think I am a crook'. ha ha. I felt myself closing down because it wasn't 'working out' but then I thought, am I really going to let this rob me of the joy of this moment, I'm in Ibiza for godsake. In that situation I had to trust the path even though it wasn't making sense why it was so difficult for me to do something that seemed so simple. I was been blocked because I had to learn something that I am obviously going to need for what's coming up ahead for me. I may not be able to understand this straight away but if I can have trust the process, see the gifts and remain open to something new than I am flowing with the universe rather than resisting it.

The universe is always sending us situation so we can work through our most pressing issue and the unresolved aspects of ourselves. Our job is to be open to the awareness of this occurring so we can see it for the gift it is. These seemingly everyday scenarios are seeking to help us shed layers of our self that are old and redundant so we can create a shift and see things in a new and liberating light. That's what enlightenment is. Life simple works to teach us what we are holding on to and what we need to let go of in order to live the fullest and greatest life we can.

After all that, I can truly say that Ibiza was a trip of a life time. I met amazing people who embraced me whole heartedly and it gave me a place to really look at myself and explore my shadow aspects as well.  The whole trip fuelled me in unspeakable way and I'm so thankful for all the amazing magical moments. 

What I know for sure is that you should always follow your heart, even if its to Ibiza for a pair of boots. And hopefully one day my Emonk Ibiza Boho Sandals and Gypsy Hat will bring me back to this amazing Island.

I'm going to Ibiza for a pair of Boots

Boho Boots from Emonk Ibiza, photo by Ibiza Boho Girl

Boho Boots from Emonk Ibiza, photo by Ibiza Boho Girl

This is actually a story about recognising symbolism, synchronicity and the universal energy of attraction at work and how to trust the process.

The Attraction and a Knowing

Many Moons ago as I was scrolling through instagram when something magical caught my wait it captured my heart! hahaha. Instantly I was in love, you know when you look at something and know its right for you straight away and that having that thing in your life is going to complete some part of you. Well this happened to me..... with a pair of shoes from Emonk Ibiza.

Something about these shoes appealed to me on every level. The colours, textures, the use of stones and fabric just were wonderful and I knew in that moment that one day we would need to be together.  I also knew that these were not an online purchase and that I would have to go and get them myself.

The Alignment of Circumstances

Fate so has it that this year my parents had organised a family trip to Italy this year. After the passing of myNonno (grandfather) my mum decided she wanted to take up to the Island where my Nonna and Nonno grew up which is an Island of Sicily called Lipari. This will no doubt be a magical trip of connecting to my cultural heritage and ancestry, family, food and good times. Then it popped in my head 'ooohhh I'll be in Europe so I should do some travelling else where..... do I dare go to Ibiza?!"

The Denial before the Realisation

Could I really go to a place based on a pair of shoes?! Surely that's an absurd idea and oh I haven't even mentioned how much these shoes cost ...they vary from 280 - 365 EURO. GASP "How am I going to manage to afford that.. no that it , this is ridiculous I cant justify it." So I put it on the back burner and considered other options. A few months passed and the love for Ibiza had only grown stronger. I started following everything Ibiza and the more I delved into that world, I wanted to go even more.  The vibrancy of the people, the style, the markets and water... it was beautiful to me. It felt like it wasn't even a choice to be made but more of a case of if I am going to allow this to unfold. What was I going to tell people? Initially when you tell people you are going to Ibiza they are like " Oh man you are going to get so f$#ked up" but my truth was different, I was going to get a pair of boots! ha ha. Through my research I also learnt about the hugely spiritual element on the island and that Ibiza had a lot more to offer than just an epic party scene.  Soon I started to piece together that something was actually aligning here for me.

Awareness of the Universe at work

I had a reading recently with Jade Sky and told her about wanting to go to Ibiza for a pair of boots. She looked at me and said

"Don't you see that the boots might just be the thing that spirit is using to trying to get you there, they give you little marking point or names or dates to synchronicity meet the right people. So if you have this draw towards the boots, its not about the boots it could be that you are meant to be in that region or you need to go to that shop  or you need to meet someone, you need to trust that. The boots are also more of a symbol of moving forward and if they are big heavy boots they are quiet grounding and you need to go there to gain some information , trust where they are taking you , don't fight it. If you can go there while you are over there why wouldn't you?!"

AHHHHHHHHHhahaha I get it now. There was a knowing and a pulling force that I felt all the way along and looking back on it in that moment, it was finally understood.

Further Synchronicity and Confirmation you are on the right path

I decided I was going to go with the flow that was so clearly in front of me and follow this path. I made the choice to do a retreat whilst I am on my boot quest which is going to be a magical time for me. I am so looking forward to joining Kirsty Gallaghers' Autumn Equinox Goddess Retreat and meeting some wonderful women who have also heard the call on their own path of self discovery. Maybe they are there for the boots as well :) who knows! Another moment of synchronicity happened whilst I was searching through many articles on must do treatments in Ibiza. I did a meditation at the start of the year and my guides told me I would meet someone named Raj, so when I saw an article on a brilliant Thai and Holistic Masseuse who in Ibiza names Rayja, I knew I need to book in a session with him. I got in contact with him and told him I would be in Ibiza and would love to have a session with him. I also told him about my meditation story because I had a sense he would 'get it" and he was totally receptive and offered to be of any help if I needed any recommendations for my trip. So it continues to fall into place this adventure of mine and I now eagerly await what will be a magnificent trip.

So I tell people proudly "I am going to Ibiza for a pair of boots!...and much more!" I now know I am meant to go to Ibiza, i know I am meant to meet certain people and I trust that a part of my growth needs to occur here.  And if the Gods be so kind I might even have a new pair of spectacular boots to take me to the next adventure!

How it will play out I don't know but I will surely keep you posted.

boho boots.jpg
The Beautiful Merel who is the founder and designer from World Family Ibiza. Another reason I fell in love with Ibiza

The Beautiful Merel who is the founder and designer from World Family Ibiza. Another reason I fell in love with Ibiza

Face Reading

Face Reading-  How You Face the World

Your Face. It has been with you through it all and been shaped by your experiences. It is a highway of the senses, collecting and procesing information from each moment of your life. It has seen the beauty and the ugliness, it has recoiled at a bad smell, it has lit up when you heard your favourite song, and it's tasted the flavour of a delicious fruit and delighted in the touch of your first kiss. Over time our thoughts, belief and attitudes are etched in our face and shape and create certain characteristics which can be observed here. Therefore we shouldn't be surprised at how much detailed information you can get from knowing how to read a face.

In fact we already do! We are consciously and unconsciously reading each others faces each day and we have a memory bank which we draw upon to tell us what certain actions, expression and features mean. What we think and feel affects the appearance of the face. When we see someone with eyes that appear downwardly slopped and the mouth is angled down, we can sense that person is experiencing sadness. If someone is talking to us and blinking a lot and unable to maintain eye contact we can sense that the person is feeling uncomfortable and perhaps not being honest. 

Seeing the whole picture...

In Psychosomatics, which is to analyse both the Body and Mind of a person means its important we view the person as a whole. This is one of the reasons that attracted me to Psychosomatic Therapy because it takes into account not just the Body, Mind or Soul but the combination of it all, hence my business name ;). It is also key to notice that differences from left and right. The Right side of your face is known as the Masculine side and refers to your external world. So this will reflect how you are as an outward expression and indicate how you act and operate in business/work. The Left side of your face is known as the Feminine and refers to your internal world. This will reflect your personal side and indicate our inner thoughts and feelings.

It is vitally important in a face reading that you look at both sides of the face because if you only focus on one side you will completly miss important aspect of the person. i am always so fascinated when we look at this aspect more closely. Here is an example of how different one might look if each side was symmetrical and how this changes the person.  On the right side (masculine stitched together ) the most prominent feature is the eye, where as this changed quite a lot on the left side (feminine stitched together) where the nose is the most prominent feature.

There is so much information that can identified in each feature of the face. Below i have included an example excerpt from a face reading i did recently. This can give you an insight in to how much information something simple like your eyebrows can say about how you think and operate.

Hannah eye brow read example.jpg


So what does your face say about you? Doing an in-depth face reading gives an overall picture of the individuals characteristics, emotional traits and the presentation of the tangible facts that creates your story.  Having your face read is a great experience as it acknowledges who you are in a beautiful way. It can help you to gain better understanding of yourself and give you valuable insight into why you may do the things you do, react a certain way or tell you what makes you great at some things and why other may find others challenging . It is all written on your amazing face.

For a limited time I am offering a Psychosomatic Face Reading for $30. Each reading is done with the utmost Respect. It is not a tool for judgment but for understanding and openness. I will identify your:

  • Overall Face Shape
  • Most Prominent feature
  • Fore head (frame of mind)
  • Eyebrows
  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Cheeks
  • Ears
  • Lip
  • Chin

This is available WORLDWIDE as it is all done via correspondence. You are require to supply the following photos:- i recommend you get someone to take the photos for you for the best natural results.

  1. face straight on with a naturally resting face ( hair behind ears, no make up, no forced expression-smile, frown etc)
  2. left side profile shot (hair behind ears)
  3. right side profile shot (hair behind ears)

If you would like to have your Face Read and take advantage of this limited offer please Contact me via email:



Photos of the Models Emilio and Hannah are by Jodie de Rome

Face reading Textbooks used are:

  • Face to Face with Facts- Personality Potential, Hermann Muller
  • Amazing Face Reading , Mac Fulfer, J.D.








My Interview by Freedom Wellness

Awakening the Soul with Natalie Wagner

We have all had moments in our lives where we feel lost and confused. Perhaps you have prayed for an answer or sort resolution using your intuition. Natalie Wagner is a psychic medium, spirit guide and psychosomatic therapist and all round beautiful being. 

‘When you Awaken the Body, Mind and Soul- You Awaken to Life!’ is the beautiful mantra Natalie Wagner lives by. We were lucky enough to cross paths with Natalie and have a reading from her. Safe to say it was no less than mind blowing.

Natalie is full of energy, laughter and is here to help empower and guide you on a journey of self discovery. It truly was an amazing experience and definitely will not be the last one we share with Natalie.


S & T xx

Tell us a little about your journey and who you are?

Wonderful outdoor Intuitive Reading with Oracle Cards

Wonderful outdoor Intuitive Reading with Oracle Cards

My big wake up call came in my Saturn Return, which is an event that occurs from age 27 into your early 30’s. Its been called your first life crisis and it certainly felt like that for me. I was at rock bottom and I felt trapped and miserable. I was in a self-destructive relationship. I was suffering depression and anxiety which added to my feelings of being out of place and disconnected to my world. My mental and physical health was on a downward spiral. I was lost and didn’t know who I was anymore. I knew I needed to make some serious changes. I made the choice to begin my journey back home to find myself, a journey to become me again.

I soon realised that my rock bottom would became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life. I quit my job and ended my relationship; I continued to explore & connect with my psychic abilities and took myself off to an Ayurvedic retreat in Bali. This further enhanced my belief in the ancient wisdom of the body, mind and soul connection. Through this healing process I was able to make important changes that have opened me up to the abundance of life.  These events were the catalyst in empowering me to take action and connect to what makes me happy and what was to be my soul path. I realised that my own powerful experience in transformation could help others on their journey of self discovery and awakening.  I am now a qualified Psychosomatic Therapist and offer a range of healing intuitive services that holistically awaken the Body, Mind and Soul and give you the awareness and tools to create the life you want.  

Why do you believe balance and harmony is so important in peoples everyday life?

When you are in a place of balance and you are in harmony with who you are, then you are clear. The clearer you are, the better you are able to decide what is best for you.

What should one do to start reconnecting to their self healing ability?

Start being more aware. Awareness is the biggest tool you can have in making positive change. For example if you notice you have an eye twitch when you go into work, best bet is you are stressed, so time out and self care is needed. The body is communicating to us like this all the time, listen to it!


What advice would you give someone who knows there is more for them in life, but they just can’t seem to find the courage to make the change?

Feeling as though you are stuck is so common. My advice would be don’t be afraid to spend money on YOU. Investing in your health and happiness is priceless. Whether you get bodywork, go to a healer, do a course or workshop on a topic that interests you or go on retreat. These are often the places where you find yourself again and can create the spark you need to start taking action towards the life you want.


You help empower people to find what makes them happy. How should one start trying to find their life joys again?

Give yourself time and space. In our hectic lives and routines we can quickly get lost. Take yourself away from it and be still, this is the space needed to allow the answers to come in. 


Your services include Psychic Reading & Intuitive Guidance. Tell our FW family who this could benefit them?

If you are feeling trapped, lost and confused and wanting clarity and direction a reading with me will help you remember how amazing you are and that you can live a life of fulfilment and purpose. I’m passionate about helping you connect to your own gifts and live a life that celebrates who you are. My reading provide you with powerful messages to help you on your path by giving valuable insight and clarity to your situation.

Talk to us about the ancient wisdom of the body, mind and soul connection? 

The basis of my work involves working with Chakras, which started in India in 2500bc and is utilised in Ayurvedic Medicine and many other ancient culture throughout history. The chakras are energy centres in the body and carry out life force energy, also known as prana, chi etc.  Every thought and experience you’ve ever had in your life gets filtered through these chakra databases. It literally shape who you are, and by learning the language ofthe chakras as seen in the body I can identify your strengths and where trauma and past hurt are being stored which creating challenges, patterns and behaviours that perpetuate cycles in your life and prevent you from moving forward. This is an empowering process of creating awareness of your true gifts and unlock their potential, as well as releasing old stories and patterns of behaviours that no longer serves you. I am there to be a guide and facilitate your own beautiful connection to the ancient wisdom that exists inside you.  My sessions help to educate you and create the opportunity for awareness that allows you to connect to your purpose and what action is required to start living a life of fulfilment. I believe when you awaken the Body, Mind and Soul, you Awaken to Life

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Follow your passion. Stay true to yourself. Never follow someone else’s path unless you’re in the woods and you’re lost and you see a path. By all means, you should follow that. ~ Ellen DeGeneres(i love it lol)

How do you spend the first 80 minutes of your day?

My days vary depending on how I feel but typically

  • check my phone (very spiritual of me! ha)
  • find my dog, cuddle and kiss him and take him for a walk
  • have a warm tea (loving the 3 ginger tea by Pukka)
  • pull a card from my various oracle and tarot card decks and journal
  • eat breakfast
  • create a post for my social media


When can our FW family connect with you?

I’m located in Brisbane and available for one on one sessions which incorporates intuitive guidance and education, spiritual counselling, energy healing, body work and emotional trigger point release.

  also offer sessions worldwide via Skype which I love doing and have had the privilege of doing readings for people all around Australia and as far as Ireland (these reading are just as powerful and you can read my review on the Body Mind and Soul Facebook page)

Tickets are available now for my upcoming workshop Chakra Healing Circle Sunday August 2nd, which I am facilitating with Amanda Lorch from All Wellbeing. Its a full day ofhealing, self discovery and empowerment through the chakras. It is being held in a brand new space at SILO Paddington in the elements room which has been stunningly designed by Sarah Wilder- from the Fifth Element. 

I have a beautiful and ever growing online community whom I love sharing and connecting with, and I encourage this both ways. I post all things from spirituality, crystals, moon phases, chakras, global energy reading, spirit guide, channelling, meditation, art therapy, and lots more



website and blog~

7 Questions with Amanda Lorch from ALL Wellbeing

Amanda Lorch from ALL Wellbeing

Amanda Lorch from ALL Wellbeing

I believe... When you are connected to yourself, and you listen to the whispers of your soul, amazing things can happen.

I got into this work because... working in the hospital system and seeing what these very sick people were eating and their treatments, I kept thinking ‘there has to be a better way’. Then i reached a point in my life, where my whole life was turned upside down, and I had to rebuild from the ground up, part of that rebuilding was aligning with who I am and what I really want. I completed a bachelor degree of health science and a cert IV in Neuroenergetic kinesiology. Now I live my passion every day  helping others to rebuild their lives they way the want them to be and knowing that it is possible.

As a therapist I commonly hear... ‘how did you know?’ ‘Thank you for listening and understanding’

The best bit of advice I ever got... Was from a very dear friend, he said to me when I was whinging about my life and wishing things were different ‘if not now, then when?’ We are always putting things off, waiting for a better time. There is no better time than right now, actually right now is the only time that is guaranteed, no one is promised a tomorrow.

My self-love routine involves... eating wholesome nourishing foods, drinking plenty of fresh water, going outdoors and connecting with nature on a regular basis, writing, any type of art, music for the soul and Spending time with people who see my soul and energise and recharge me.

The book I am reading right now is... I am a bit of a multi-tasker, and reading is no exception, I am actually reading 4 books at the moment! 1. Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert PhD - mind blowing!, 2. Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber MD - a bit tough going, some pretty big concepts in there but loving it. 3.The brain that changes itself by Norman Doidge MD - sensational. And last but not least ‘The Essential Rumi’ - one of my favourite poets and visionaries.

My dream is to one day... Have alternative medicine as the predominant health care system in Australia (dreaming I know) and for it to be accessible to everyone. I would love my own healing sanctuary, for people to come and and completely connect with themselves and heal body mind and spirit.

Join Amanda and I for our Chakra Healing Circle on August the 2nd in Paddington, Brisbane. A Journey of self discovery and empowerment through the chakras. This Chakra Healing Circle for a day full of exploration, healing, meditation and art.

We will:
🌿Create a sacred space to nurture and support you...
🌿Explore and gain and understanding of the chakras and their connection to the mind, body and spirit
🌿Identify barriers and blockages
🌿Heal the chakras via specific techniques, meditation, self-expression and more
🌿Release and balancing of the chakra to promote positive energy flow
🌿Create a healing chakra artwork to take home
🌿Connect with each other over tea and snacks (Lunch is BYO)

Its time to invest in your happiness and wellbeing!
Investment is $97 + booking fee
Sunday 2 August at SILO Paddington. For details + tickets visit:

Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat and Spa

 Last year I was on the search for a retreat and struggling big time to find the right one for me. I searched for Australian retreats that looked and sounded wonderful but the cost was so high and if you wanted treatments you had to pay extra. I wanted a retreat that wasn't just a detox and then as soon as you are back home i you slip straight back into bad habits. I was looking for a retreat that would help me on my quest for improving my wellbeing and health long term. My mother had seen The Little Sage took a group to a retreat in Bali called Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat and Spa, so I thought I would research it further. I was immediately enchanted with the photos and although I was unsure what to expect as I had never done anything with Ayurvedic... I decided to make the booking. 

I was nervous on my way to Sukhavati as I can tend to get travel anxiety on the initial part of my trips but when I arrived I was instantly overcome with a feeling of peace.  Sukhavati Bali is an amazing retreat. There are so many unique points of differences that I think make this place so special. Overall what I like about Sukhavati, is not only is it beautiful and relaxing with all the great treatments which are included but there is also the medical and wellbeing side you get from the Ayurvedic approach to health and happiness. The program is a great balance between seeing the Ayurvedic doctors to get your assessment, getting spa treatments, health talks, time alone, time with other guests, yoga and meditation. The grounds and rooms are a magical place where one can truly find peace and inner truth. Everyday you find a new small detail that takes your breath away and warms your heart. The staff from the managers, the cooks, spa therapists to the groundsmen are truly lovely. The food is nourishing you from the inside out and you can feel its healing benefits almost immediately.

 My retreat was facilitated by the magnificent Tegan Wallis, of Veda Wellness in Melbourne. She is a wealth of knowledge on everything to do with the Ayurveda Lifestyle and is just a beautiful soul who made the whole experience that extra bit special.  Tegan combines the ancient insights of traditional mind/ body medicine with the fruits of modern medical research, and delivers this wisdom in a practical way to help people achieve a happy, healthy and vibrant life. She believes that perceiving your food as medicine; practising yoga and meditation; experiencing laughter and love are all keys to gaining and sustaining health. Tegan is hosting another retreat at Sukhavati in July so if you  thinking about taking a retreat I encourage you to whole heartedly dive into this amazing experience. I spoke with Tegan who took some tome to answer some questions on what Ayurveda is, the benefits it brings to the body, mind and soul and also how Ayurveda has personally helped her Awaken to Life.

Tegan Wallis~ Qualified Holistic health practitioner specialising in Ayurvedic Medicine, Naturopathy, Holistic Nutrition & Herbal Medicine

Tegan Wallis~ Qualified Holistic health practitioner specialising in Ayurvedic Medicine, Naturopathy, Holistic Nutrition & Herbal Medicine

What is Ayurveda?
Ayurveda is the oldest and most comprehensive medical system in the world. Originating from India it is over 5,000 years ago. The word Ayurveda is an ancient Sanskrit word that can be translated as ‘The science of life’, therefore Ayurveda contains knowledge on everything that is beneficial to life and consciousness and everything that is damaging. It is a natural medical system that utilises food as medicine, lifestyle, herbal medicine, cleansing therapies and exercise as a way to balance and strengthen the mind and body. It is a way of life that lives in harmony with nature and reconnects you with your true self – one that is happy, healthy and vibrant.

What are the doshas, and how do I find out what dosha I am?
Ayurveda is based on the theory of the tri-doshas. The Doshas are governing forces present in the universe, and even within us. They are responsible for all functioning of the mind and body.
The Doshas are made up of the 5 great elements being space, air, fire, water and earth. These elements combine to make the Vata Dosha, Pitta Dosha and Kapha Dosha. Each of these doshas have certain qualities and characteristics based on the elements they are comprised of. Vata, for example is made up of the space and air elements, so has the qualities of the ‘Wind’. Being dry, light, and mobile. Each doshas has a specific function in the body, and we contain all of them within us. Take Vata for example. The main action of Vata is movement. So it is responsible for all movement of the body. This includes the beating of the heart, respiration, digestion and the functioning of the nervous system.
When we are born we have more of one doshas present in our physiology then the other, and this gives us our unique mind body make up, which we simply refer to as your ‘ Dosha’.

You are mainly a Vata, Pitta or Kapha type. By knowing this it gives you great insight into your personality traits, likes, dislikes, emotional tendencies, what your inherited strengths are, what conditions you may be predisposed too, and it gives you guidelines as to which foods and lifestyle is best suited for your unique self to stay in harmony. To find out your dosha, it’s best to see an Ayurvedic consultant. They will take your pulse using the ancient art of pulse diagnosis, to give you an accurate answer. But there are many quizzes you can do online also that are very general, but a good starting point.
How does adopting an Ayurvedic lifestyle improve health and wellbeing?                 

The Ayurvedic lifestyle is living in harmony with nature. By adopting a daily routine, a seasonal routine, and living in balance with your dosha, you are rolling with the flow with the laws of nature. Its like you are floating down stream with ease, instead of swimming against the current burning up all your energy getting nowhere. By adopting this lifestyle you gain more energy, you are more at ease, and are more resilient to stress and destructive emotions. You are also connecting to a source that leaves you feeling whole and connected on a deep level. 

 What are a few easy ways I can start incorporating Ayurveda into my life? 
1. Get to bed before 10pm and rise early.

2. Choose warm cooked meals over raw, cold, dry foods.

3. Develop a regular yoga practice.    

4. Start your day with a warm ginger tea.

How did you discover Ayurveda?                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

I studied Naturopathy initially, so it was during my degree that I heard about Ayurveda. It always sparked my interest, but it wasn’t until I went to India and experienced my first Panchakarma (an Ayurvedic purification and rejuvenation program), that I really felt the benefits in my mind and body and thought ‘yeah’, this is the way! I still love my Naturopathy and incorporate it into my consultations, but for me Ayurveda really is the complete holistic view on health and wellbeing. It’s very logical, practical, and is supported by an ancient and rich body of knowledge (known as the Vedas).

How has Ayurveda Awakened you to Life?
Ahhh, where to begin! I think physically, mentally and emotionally it keeps me in a state of balance that has deeply strengthened my resilience to the stress and demands of modern life. But mainly it has awakened me to, and is guiding me down the path of self-knowledge and self-realisation.

For Further Information Check out the links Below

Tegan Wallis of Veda Wellness~ Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat, BALI, 25th - 31st July

Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat and Spa ~ WEBSITE

Veda Wellness~ Melbourne WEBSITE

Create Awareness to Create the Life You Want

When things go wrong in our lives and we feel at rock bottom, it’s almost a shock of how removed we are from who we once were and there are feelings of emptiness and loss as we look around wondering how did I end up here? In fact I have been in this position before where I’m crying in a heap of misery saying” I can’t believe this, why the fuck is this happening to me?”(This may or may not be direct quote hahaha). We end up here when we ignore the alarm bells, our intuition and the signs. We prefer to brush issues under the carpet hoping they won’t need to be dealt with and we delude ourselves. We so badly want to be naïve to it all because wouldn’t it just be great if we didn’t have to face our problem and have no accountability because it’s all just happening to us and we play no part in it? A nice idea but it doesn’t work, trust me I have tried. What happens is slowly over time the cracks become craters that we fall into.


There is a pattern that occurs, a universal flow, and when we go against it (which is to go against ourselves) it has no choice but to hit us hard with a wakeup call. An example of this is when we get made redundant in a job we really weren’t happy in and had been in for far too long, or getting really sick after we have refused to slow down and take care of ourselves.  It is from this space we are finally forced to deal with our issue and acknowledge the truth of our lives. 

Whether that is that we are in a bad relationship that we need to leave, we are not taking care of our health or we are in a job that is killing our soul. And maybe some of us need the lesson more than once before we realise no matter how hard we try to run, hide or ignore, at some point we must all face our reality. You will know if you didn't quiet get the lesson the first time because you will have found yourself saying something like “why does this ALWAYS happen to me?”  hahaha guilty as charged again. From these events our awareness of what is fundamentally not working for us becomes clear and we are given the opportunity to start making changes to get us back on track. We can connect back in with who we know we are inside and what we want from life. It is a powerful learning process and a painful one at times but the growth is always extraordinary when we seize these opportunities. The good news is that if each one of us has access to a highly intelligent body, mind and soul that is constantly communicating invaluable information to us that allows us to know what is best for us. When we take care of ourselves and learn to connect and listen to our inner guidance, you will uncover a life filled with abundance and fulfilment. This is not something that is only for the "special" among us, this is for every BODY!

 The way in which we access this information in through our AWARENESS.  There are many aspects of our lives that have a big impact in creating our overall quality of life. The main ones are your health mentally and physically, your career and love and relationships. You may have areas of your life that are in good health, and other areas may be calling out for change or evolution.  Your awareness shine a bright light on your life in order to helps you find you path to creating the life you really want. I have prepared a beautiful exercise to help you begin that journey.

I like to call these life lesson exercises my SOUL SCHOOL which will be a feature in my blog. The purpose of SOUL SCHOOL is to give you a variety of  techniques and tools that will guide you to learn and connect to yourself on a deeper level. It will seek to help you unlock your gift and be celebrated for who you are, so you can live a happy life of fulfilment and purpose.


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SOUL SCHOOL~ Create Awareness to Create the Life You Want


Body, Mind and Soul Awakening "My Personal Journey"

Body, Mind and Soul Awakening was created to help heal and empower you on your path to self-discovery. As an Intuitive Life Guide and Psychosomatic Therapist I aim to help bring clarity and insight that will assist you in awakening to your inner gifts by gaining a deeper understanding of who you are. My services will teach you how to connect to your amazing self-healing ability and give you the tools you need to restore balance and harmony so you can start living authentically. I believe that when we make positive changes in the Body and Mind this allows the heart and Soul to prosper giving you amazing quality of life, which we all deserve. You will gain the understanding and awareness needed to start taking steps to reclaim personal health and happiness, creativity, personal power and self-expression.

"When you awaken the Body, Mind and Soul, you awaken to life."

My Personal Journey

If you would have told me that in just 12 months I would go from working in a corporate office, teaching sales, to becoming a psychic, intuitive life guide and psychosomatic therapist, I probably would have called you crazy! But this is exactly what happened for me when I started taking a whole bunch of small steps in the right direction.

My personal journey in awakening to life began at the start of 2014 when I found myself at rock bottom. I was stuck in a cycle with the fear I could not break out. I felt trapped and I was miserable. I was working for one of Australia’s largest Health Insurance companies and had just been awarded as the National Sales Coach Top Achiever. Sounds impressive, but the reality was I felt nothing close to a top achiever. I was killing myself to be successful and craved acknowledgement and acceptance in a workplace that I no longer belonged. I felt like a square peg trying to be forced into a round hole. I was out of place and disconnected to my world. I was in a self-destructive relationship. I was suffering depression and anxiety and I was self-medicating. My mental and physical health was on a downward spiral.  I was lost and didn’t know who I was anymore.  

I knew I needed to make some serious changes. I made the brave choice to begin my journey back home to find myself, a journey to become me again. I soon realised that my rock bottom would became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.  I enrolled in a Psychic Development Course and started seeing a Psychosomatic Therapist. This was the catalyst in me being empowered to take action in connecting to what makes me happy and what was to be my soul path. Through this healing process I was able to make important changes that have opened me up to the abundance of life. When I am willing to make room and take action to live my truth, life offers great opportunities and blessings.

I quit my job and ended my relationship; I continued to explore & connect with my psychic abilities and took myself off to an Ayurvedic retreat in Bali. This further enhanced my belief in the ancient wisdom of the body, mind and soul connection. I realised that my own powerful experience in transformation could help others on their journey of self discovery and awakening.  am now a qualified Psychosomatic Therapist and offer a range of healing intuitive services that holistically awaken the Body, Mind and Soul and give you the awareness and tools to create the life you want.  

I believe we all have a purpose and that we were all made unique (quirks and all) so we can live that purpose. So here I am to be of service to you to help you find your path and share all that I learn along the way. We can grow together and I cant wait to see where it takes us.

With Love and Gratitude

Natalie Wagner