Create Awareness to Create the Life You Want

When things go wrong in our lives and we feel at rock bottom, it’s almost a shock of how removed we are from who we once were and there are feelings of emptiness and loss as we look around wondering how did I end up here? In fact I have been in this position before where I’m crying in a heap of misery saying” I can’t believe this, why the fuck is this happening to me?”(This may or may not be direct quote hahaha). We end up here when we ignore the alarm bells, our intuition and the signs. We prefer to brush issues under the carpet hoping they won’t need to be dealt with and we delude ourselves. We so badly want to be naïve to it all because wouldn’t it just be great if we didn’t have to face our problem and have no accountability because it’s all just happening to us and we play no part in it? A nice idea but it doesn’t work, trust me I have tried. What happens is slowly over time the cracks become craters that we fall into.


There is a pattern that occurs, a universal flow, and when we go against it (which is to go against ourselves) it has no choice but to hit us hard with a wakeup call. An example of this is when we get made redundant in a job we really weren’t happy in and had been in for far too long, or getting really sick after we have refused to slow down and take care of ourselves.  It is from this space we are finally forced to deal with our issue and acknowledge the truth of our lives. 

Whether that is that we are in a bad relationship that we need to leave, we are not taking care of our health or we are in a job that is killing our soul. And maybe some of us need the lesson more than once before we realise no matter how hard we try to run, hide or ignore, at some point we must all face our reality. You will know if you didn't quiet get the lesson the first time because you will have found yourself saying something like “why does this ALWAYS happen to me?”  hahaha guilty as charged again. From these events our awareness of what is fundamentally not working for us becomes clear and we are given the opportunity to start making changes to get us back on track. We can connect back in with who we know we are inside and what we want from life. It is a powerful learning process and a painful one at times but the growth is always extraordinary when we seize these opportunities. The good news is that if each one of us has access to a highly intelligent body, mind and soul that is constantly communicating invaluable information to us that allows us to know what is best for us. When we take care of ourselves and learn to connect and listen to our inner guidance, you will uncover a life filled with abundance and fulfilment. This is not something that is only for the "special" among us, this is for every BODY!

 The way in which we access this information in through our AWARENESS.  There are many aspects of our lives that have a big impact in creating our overall quality of life. The main ones are your health mentally and physically, your career and love and relationships. You may have areas of your life that are in good health, and other areas may be calling out for change or evolution.  Your awareness shine a bright light on your life in order to helps you find you path to creating the life you really want. I have prepared a beautiful exercise to help you begin that journey.

I like to call these life lesson exercises my SOUL SCHOOL which will be a feature in my blog. The purpose of SOUL SCHOOL is to give you a variety of  techniques and tools that will guide you to learn and connect to yourself on a deeper level. It will seek to help you unlock your gift and be celebrated for who you are, so you can live a happy life of fulfilment and purpose.


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SOUL SCHOOL~ Create Awareness to Create the Life You Want