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Art by Joshua Drake

Art by Joshua Drake

The Moon is a magnificent beacon in the sky that holds many mysteries and stories in cultures all around the world. Most certainly in your lifetime you have looked up in wonder and marvelled at this extraordinary light in the sky. I have come to really connect with the symbolism of Nature and the Moon plays an important role in my spiritual practice which I want to share with you.

 It is widely known that the word Lunatic comes from the word Luna (Moon). If you have ever worked in an office or retail job it's often a joke that “it must be the Full Moon, the crazies are out”. The Moon effect may be talked about on this surface level but it is fair to say that there is a sense that the Moon has long been associated with heightened states of activity which affects people in different ways. In looking through the scientific research I found there is much contention surrounding the Moons effects on Humans and most of it dismisses any connection. The common theory, and one I was personally told along my journey, is that as the moon affect the tides, especially on nights like the Full Moon and New Moon. We as humans are made up of mostly water therefore we too are affected by the moon in powerful ways. This gave me validity to what I felt and experienced and it made so much sense to me. I am looking forward to providing you with the details on how this worked to deepen your understanding. When looking into the traditional research aspect, there is a lot of evidence that counters the belief of any connection to the point of considering it an absurd notion. At first I was slightly taken aback… oh how they naysayers are going to love this. Do I pretend I didn't see it? This however brought up a relevant point that I wasn't expecting but I strongly believe I was called to address for you as you embark on the path of spiritual living. I saw a recent quote by one of the most incredible scientific minds ever, Albert Einstein who said “ The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Intuition simply means getting in touch with our senses and instincts. In the world we live in where the focus is often very mentally driven, we have desensitised our ability to feel and have true connection. As part of your own evolution and self-discovery you are going to be challenged by this battle between the Mind and Heart, the Thinking and Feeling. When we purely focus on matters of the mind it can distracts us from the knowing we so long for that we already have residing in our heart.

So I then ask myself ‘Do I need a piece of research to validate a knowing I already have?’ I know this for sure that there are things in life that we feel and experience that cannot be explained by science yet which have been proven time and time again. The message is that you must trust your own knowing, even when others would have you think otherwise. If you start disbelieving in your natural instincts and you go against them then you are truly lost. I do also believe it is vital to our experience to be challenged in our beliefs as we all carry beliefs and thought patterns that are limiting to our spirit. New information can provide that missing piece of the puzzle that liberates us into a new way of being and in this moments we feel it so strongly inside. Other times these experiences of being dismissed, rejected and told it's not real or impossible can diminish our spirit and cause us to hide aspects of ourselves in order to be accepted with the ‘norm’. So will you choose the intuitive mind or the rational one? That is up to you of course and it may be a good exercise to see which mind you are using more and how it's making you feel. I see it as an opportunity to deepen your own inner understanding. When we are in touch with a sense of and the world around us we can open up to infinite knowledge, wisdom and connection.

The Moon works with our energy and seeks to bring us balance. This practice is actually part of my self-care ritual as it is all about taking time out to check in with you. I do Moon Ceremonies to tune in and keep my energy clear and positive and recalibrate to be at my energetic best. When you take time to drop into feeling and experiencing our senses mindfully it can provide you with clarity, direction and peace of mind. This is what we want more of. By doing this we balance out the mental energy that can be overwhelming and create anxiety, stress and mind fog. It is natural for us to experience both dark and lighter times and feel the push and pull of life as we go through experiences that shape who we are. We often question this process. Why must I go through this? Can't it just be easy? The Moon does not question the phases of life. It simply flows with it. The Moon knows that the Light follows the Dark and it trusts in it. When you learn to embrace the processes of your life you will see that everything in life is an opportunity to help us break free into a new realm of being that better serves us. When you have this awareness and you actively participate in the seasons on your life then you are living with purpose. The Moon is our guide through the natural phases of life that we experience.  Let me Explain…Like us it goes through Phases, Light and Dark and Pushing forward and Pulling in. The two moon phases I work with are the Full Moon and the New Moon.  Both Moons each have their own specific purpose in helping us and I will be explaining how you can tune in and harness this energy in your own Moon Ceremony. 

The Full Moon is when the Moon is at its fullest and brightest.  

Cleanse and Clear ~Surrender and Let go of what is not serving you~  Reenergise

Masculine/ External /Taking action to release and let go/ High Energy/ Intensity/ Action

When the Moon is at its fullest, its energy is pulling things to the surface. The Recharge value of the moon is the strongest so this is the night we put our crystals out to be cleanses and recharged. In the time of the Full Moon you may be frustrated and emotional. This is our resistance in this time that blocks our opportunity to work through what arises. If you can allow yourself to observe what is happening, rather than play into the drama, and then show a willingness to surrender from it, then you are able to shift it and actually be energising positively. This is what the Full Moon is calls us to do. It seeks to show us what is not in harmony and is not serving our spirit so we can free ourselves of it and let it go. This is why around the Full Moon time you may feel unsettled and of kilter. Remember that what comes up cannot exist if it wasn't already inside you. This is about taking responsibility for our actions and being willing to be shown a different way that will help us create inner peace.

Click the Full Moon Ceremony link and enjoy a beautiful Full Moon Ceremony 



New Moon is when the Moon is at its fullest and in darkness.

 Connecting in ~ Creating your desires ~ Manifesting with the universe

Feminine /Internal/ Encouraging us to go deep within to discover our light / Aligning with your heart/ Discovering new found purpose

 When we are in the phase of the New Moon(Dark Moon) it is asking us to go within. This is a time when you want to get still, quiet and listen. Being still is an important thing to do in our natural cycle. For many of us being still is a hard as it may bring up feelings of guilt as you may think it is unproductive or that it may mean facing what you are running from. The truth is that this is where the magic of who you are can be discovered. It is where answers to your prayers exist. When you allow yourself the time to truly connect you can have a wonderful conversation with your higher self that will bring you in alignment with your gifts and your unique purpose that you. The New Moon is all about empowerment and giving you the opportunity to rediscover your passions and give you a growth burst of manifesting energy to help you start creating the life you were born to live. You must know that you were created on purpose, as you are, to live your purpose. The universe wants to work with your faith in yourself and show you the true power that exist inside you. It is about planting the seeds of your intentions and cultivating your ideas and clearing the way for your visions to surface in reality


Click the New Moon Ceremony link and enjoy a beautiful New Moon Ceremony 


I hope you will join me in celebrating these Luna events and doing your own special moon ceremony. I would love to hear how you go and dont forget to tag any photos of your ceremony  #AWAKENTOLIFE @BODYMINDANDSOULAWAKENING.

The next New Moon will be on the 9th of February and on the Full Moon will be on the 23rd of February  

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Extraordinary image of the Moon and Earth by Nasa

Extraordinary image of the Moon and Earth by Nasa