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Have you ever had the experience of knowing what to do in a situation to make yourself feel better?

For example:

  •   I feel really tired and I know if I do some exercise I'm going to feel recharged
  •  To make my tummy ache go away I need to stop eating gluten
  • I’m not happy in my job and how I am treated. I should  really go out there and start discovering what I want to do and what other options I have

And then you don't do it! Why is that?

You often know what is the right thing for yourself and what would be in your best interest. It is the going against or ignoring the knowing that can create and manifest feelings of, guilt, anger, depression, sadness and/or hopelessness. You start saying, “You idiot, why didn't you do that?” or “You are so lazy and fat, it's too late for you to make any changes. You're never going to be able to do it so don’t even bother!”

It can go down a bad path and the truth is we all do this every day in varying degrees. It is an unspoken war that is going on in all of us. We have an internal battle where something within us prevents us from what we truly want. This is our quest in life to shed away these limiting thoughts and behaviours so that we can live our life in freedom to be who we are. When we are liberated in this sense and expressing our true selves, we really connect to our own being and start to feel the true intention of life; joy, happiness, peace, love. When you surrender your suffering, and the baggage that has been accumulated along the way, you are able to rise to your potential in amazing ways. It is this personal evolution and growth that I hope to teach you about in this article.

I will be teaching you some fundamental knowledge about Chakra and beginning to introduce you to the concept of the emotional anatomy associated with them to build your understand of the wisdom and insight of Chakras. Connecting these two is very powerful and something that truly opens your world. That is why I became a Psychosomatic Therapist; it gives me this greater understanding and view on everything and everyone. By looking at the body, each chakra location and the condition of each area on the body we can identify and acknowledge old experiences and habits your body is carrying. The awareness of what your body is holding on to helps you to facilitate their release, which opens the doorway for new experiences.

Chakras are amazing knowledge centres that can provide insight into your energy flow, your blocks and/or challenges and most importantly they allow you to see your amazing gifts and strengths. From this knowledge you can identify what you are holding on to that is causing you to feel stuck in limiting behaviors or negative physical and mental patterns. From understanding the languages of your amazing body you can begin to visually see the stories that have affected you and what may be having a negatively impact on your wellbeing. Awareness on this level is the key to shifting and change. The process of looking at ourselves in this way gives us that opportunity. Once we are aware, we are empowered and from this place we can create transformation and restore our energy flow to positively serve our spirit.

You are always with your body. Every experience, physically, emotionally and mentally the body is there for it all. It is therefore natural for our life, and what we experience, to literally shape who we are. All experiences, bad and good, form who we are and are a natural part of life. We learn through good times and bad times, this is a natural part of growth and evolution. However, what we tend to do is hold on to things that are really causing us toxicity and we can often do this out of fear as we don't want to make the same ‘mistakes’ as we have in the past.

I am aware of a thought pattern I created as a young girl. There was an event that I was extremely excited about and was desperately hoping for. Life, as it often does, threw a curve ball my way and things did not pan out how I had hoped. I remember being devastated. I remember crying beside my bed very upset. I have the strong memory of telling myself “From now on I will always expect the worst. If things happen to work out I can be pleasantly surprised.” For a long time I didn't really strive hard for things. I never pushed myself and was happy with coasting along in the middle because then I couldn't fall far. I had no expectations for myself and no one really pushed me. In this I prevented myself from getting hurt. Sounds great right?  In truth it was debilitating. This thought pattern was holding me back. You can see how a seemingly innocent thought structure I put in place to live by would eventually become something that would prevent me from striving for what I really wanted and needed in life. This is represented in my body shape as I have a sucked in waist (hourglass shape) that shows this holding back in my action. This is not a traditional family shape, as my mother and grandmother are very different. I chose to create from fear and carry it with me. I could have allowed myself to feel the sadness of that experience and then forgiven myself. I could have used that experience to empower myself to try again and take the learning with me and continue to follow my heart.

In choosing love you create flow. In choosing fear you create a burden.

Every person's life is different and therefore every body is different. When you begin to  unlock and connect to the language of your body, you have a valuable tool for self understanding and can really shift the way we all look at ourselves and each other. It allows you to connect deeper and start to see what is beyond the layers and bring in the healing we need. You can connect to the true core of who you are that is pure love; for yourself, others and life. In the world we live in there is so much junk out there that seeks to limit our vision and  keep our focus on the superficial. I want you to begin to really see. You are a miracle and your life is meant to be enjoyed. In looking beyond the surface level, you will start to connect with the soul. A wide nose becomes a person who supports others and is willing to share. A cleft chin becomes someone who is adventurous and extremely adaptable. Wrinkles diagonally across the cheekbones become a person of great courage. All this information is represented in the body shape and condition and will offer amazingly accurate insight into who you are. Sometimes you may get lost and feel like you forgotten who you are so having this available to you as part of your self awareness is fantastic.

This introduction to the Chakras and Emotional Anatomy will help you develop a foundation understanding of this work. In this article I will be introducing you to:

  • basic concepts of each chakra
  • some of the body parts associated with each chakra and what these areas of the body represent.
  • how you can identify within yourself if it is related to your internal world or external world
  • activities you can introduce to promote healing if you feel you have a block

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Chakra Wisdom


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