Just F#&king Be Yourself

I'm evolving and I am not perfect, that is the truth and it's your truth too. I swear, I have bad days and I put it out there and talk about it , I like being a bit wild and out there and sometimes and I can be no bullshit and straight to the point,  when I feel it is necessary. I'm a Scorpio if you didn't already guess. These are parts of who I am and i believe they are all of value. However, not everyone sees it that way. I have faced opposition and pressure to hide aspects of myself from people who tell me what I need to change in order to be accepted or considered a good spiritual person. 

I have been told to only post positive things as people don't want to see my negative stories and it's my job to be uplifting. I have been told that swearing in my social media posts is unprofessional and it is going to negatively impact my business as people won't want to come see me. I'm sorry I must of missed the memo telling me that being a spiritual person suddenly means I'm not able to be human. How did these other people get this magical handbook on the rules of my life path and I didn't get a copy? ha ha

The benefit of these experiences is that it has allowed me really connect to my belief around this whole subject and what it is that I feel about this topic that I know impacts us all. It has only reaffirmed in me a stronger sense of self and a connection to the belief that drives me, which is that I do not need to hide who I am and neither do you. So here is my reasons of why I am going to continue to be me in ALL parts of my life, including in my business. I want people to be real with themselves and be open and honest, whatever that looks like because we shouldn't be ashamed or afraid to be ourselves.  I want to do everything I can to show the people that it's ok to be who you are.  How can I possibly ask others to be all of who they are if I am not willing to be all of me?. I am not here to uphold this unrealistic expectation of the person others think I should be. In fact my very purpose is to do the opposite. I am here to shatter that whole concept. Our key to happiness is to be who we are and half of our issues stem from the fact that we are hiding aspects of ourselves and feel the we wont be accepted if we follow our truth. When we do this we are living from a place of fear and it is so draining to the spirit. 

Aren't you sick and tired of holding up the facade!? This is what I hear from my clients everyday. They are exhausted and drained by keeping up an appearance of some sort and not being honest about who they are and what they feel. They feel pressured by a culture that says who and what they are “suppose” to be and it leaves them feeling trapped by their own lives. It is killing them from the inside out. They become so in their head with this battle of what's going on inside and what they show on the outer. This causes disconnection and confusion and as sense of powerlessness to change or even know where to start.

This is what fuels me and the work I am doing. I want people to see and learn how to come out of this cycle of suffering and get reconnected to who they really are and live authentically.  If I can show people another way by simply being my self, then I choose to do that because I know the larger meaning behind what it does for others when I can fully express my authentic self. My hope is that in seeing me in this way that it can opens the door others. When I speak up and say I am having a bad day I know that has the potential to open the conversation for someone else to go within themselves and be honest about how they feel. When a client is telling me why they can't do something and I say to them it's bullshit, it means I want them be honest with themselves, smash through their blocks with the truth and to know and see that they actually have options. This is intention of what I am do. I wanting my clients to connect to what's real beyond the fears. This is where amazing shift and healing experiences can be had. It is the most wonderful thing to see a person awaken to magical possibilities of their life and find the freedom to be themselves.

My approach may not be the way you thought spirituality was allowed to look like but I don't allow the rules for my life to be dictated by others at the expense of my true self and freedom of expression. This is my way. So I am going to swear, I'll be emotional, probably hilariously inappropriate at times, I will dare to do and say things others feel they can't and I will keep listening to my sexually explicit urban music everyday #spiritualbitcheslove2pac. Do I run the risk of turning some people off, of course, but it isn't my job to resonate with everyone. I am totally cool with that and it is not something I am striving for. I am simply here to try to shine the light of who I am as strongly as I can and be a messenger for others to know they can do the same.

It's time to get real and show all the weird and wonderful parts of yourselves. They are the best parts and no matter who you are or what combination you have going on, the more you can be who you are and live in alignment with that, the happier you will be. I am doing my part, in my way, to contribute to the creation of a world where people can break free of the restrictive and suffocating moulds to see the gifts of who they are, follow their hearts and be empowered to create and live their dreams. This is what I have discovered and I want to open that same door for as many people as I can. This is my heart filled intention and message behind all that I do.

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