Universal Message for 2017

Vibration 1 Year

AMAHLIA- Our Guardian for 2017. Gift card and A4 prints available for purchase.  http://bodymindandsoulawakening.bigcartel.com/

AMAHLIA- Our Guardian for 2017. Gift card and A4 prints available for purchase.


2 + 0 + 1 + 7 =10 1 + 0 =1

This is the first numerology 1 year of this millennium. We have come out of the old paradigm (a 52,000 year cycle) and have entered a new paradigm. This means that 2017 brings a whole new amazing energetic opportunity for us. 

As 2017 in a Number 1 year (which relates to manifesting) it is vital that we are conscious of how we think and act as everything will be amplified. We can either move mountains or create them. You are encouraged to implement daily practices to cultivate positivity, compassion and forgiveness.

This can be:

  • Acts of Kindness, Peace and Love
  • Prayer
  • Making time for your passions
  • Gratitude
  • Meditation
  • Exploration
  • Healing
  • Self Love

2017 is a divine opening to where we must let our hearts guide us forward. It is here that we will release the wisdom of our soul and the vibration of Love. We are asked to bring forth and birth our higher selves here on earth. This will allow us to unlock our minds and access joy and abundance. As we move forward into this new space in time it is more important than ever that we intimately work with our gifts and connect strongly to our guiding senses. This is what will support and guide us to true freedom of expression and the possibilities of our dreaming. 

It is up to all of us to come together and realise the power within us and as a co-creative force of consciousness. We can achieve miraculous things and we must do this, so we can breakthrough old systems and beliefs we are being held back by and step into the magnificence of who we are.  


Number Vibration 1

New energy, advancement, creation, awakening gifts, actualising your higher self, alignment, begin, individuality, standing in your power, strength, activate, trust in the vision, growth, support, blooming, tribal roots, cosmic knowledge, earth medicine.


Amahlia is a Collaboration between Natalie and artist Shar Rose Creative

Amahlia is a Collaboration between Natalie and artist Shar Rose Creative

“Through mediation I asked for the naming of this beauty. Her name was Amahlia. It felt so right and when I looked at her I knew it was perfect. I decided to look up the meaning of the name Amahlia and what came through was very interesting. Amalia (as it is more traditionally spelt) actually translates to - ‘Work’. My initial reaction was very much like i am sure yours is, ‘Yuck...Work, NO THANKS!’ I mean it really couldn’t get any more un-glamorous than that right? I sat with it a moment more to uncover the divinity within her name and the important message she is here to share with us.

We have become so disenchanted by what we have come to know as ‘Work’.  Culturally our relationship with the word work is often associated with feelings of suffering, struggle, drain and ultimately a deep sense of being unfulfilled. Many people do not have a heart connection to the work they are doing and they are truly longing to find this connection.

In Hebrew Amahlia means God’s Work and when I couple this with the numerology meaning of 2017 (vibration 1 year), the true message is revealed and becomes clear. Amahlia is here to remind you that you can choose your path and you are encouraged to live from your Heart and follow your own inner guidance wherever it takes you. This is the only true work there is, living from the SOUL. This is your life to create! Do what makes you happy and know you are divinely perfect as you are. Who you are is all you need to be. This message combined with the vibration of 1 which is all stepping forward and standing strong in your deep knowing. You are beautiful, uniquely magical, and it's time to let the world see your amazingness. Amahlia shows you that the more you can be true to your inner calling, the more you will find fulfilment, purpose, and joy. ” Lots of Love ~ Natalie Wagner

I hope you enjoy and connect with the Beautiful Amahlia print and all that she has to share. Amahlia was created in collaboration with the wonderful artist Sharni from @sharrosecreative.