Channel Your Inner Psychic :: 11th August /ADELAIDE

In this two hour workshop you will learn to trust your intuition and explore your psychic senses with Natalie Wagner from Body Mind & Soul Awakening. This is an exciting workshop that is highly interactive to allow you the space to connect and discover your innate psychic abilities and intuitive gifts. 

Even if you think you don’t have any - trust me, you do! Saying yes to this class is the first step in trusting your intuition and following that feeling inside! You don’t need any previous experience just a healthy curiosity to learn more about yourself.

About Natalie Wagner
I am an Intuitive Life Guide and Psychosomatic Therapist.
“When you awaken to body, mind and soul, you awaken to life”

Through my work I seek to create the space for you to tune into all parts of yourself and really discover the gift and blessings of who you are. I want to empower people to know their truth and to start living it. I believe that each of us are beautifully unique and have an amazing inner wisdom and power which is here to be expressed. I guide people to reconnect to themselves through the body, mind and soul which allows them to heal and restore their energy and welcome in a greater sense of love, happiness and wellness. This is what it means to me to truly awaken to life!

What you will learn
- What the psychic senses are and how to come into greater connection with them through fun mindfulness activities
- How to work with your senses to give yourself and others a reading using oracle cards and tarot cards
- Ways you can use your intuition everyday to make choices that are right for you and allow you to trust and follow your heart.

What you will get
BONUS: Gift pack with your very own intuitively picked crystal + Gift Voucher