Psychosomatic Therapy

Psychosomatic Therapy is a process of self discovery and understanding yourself in an empowering way. It is a holistic therapy that looks at you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You will gain valuable insight into who you are, your gifts and how to nurture your potential. Through Psychosomatics you can acknowledge old experience and negative patterns and behaviours your body is carrying and start to shed them to open the doorway for new experiences and freedom of expression.                                                                                                                                          Available in person / Worldwide via Skype

90MIN SESSION - $130 (incl GST.)

90MIN SESSION + Personalised Body Mind Analysis PDF- $180 (incl GST.)

"What a wonderful experience in a beautiful space, with the talented Natalie Wagner. During my session I learned practical strategies to improve my state of mind and body. Through her amazing body work, Natalie helped me to release trigger points in my body where I was holding stress, tension and unproductive thoughts. I left my session feeling extremely relaxed and positive and I continue to use Natalie's strategies to create more positive thoughts/ideas and improve my posture and core strength. The extent to which our mind and body is connected is truly amazing. I strongly recommend allowing Natalie's positives energy, expertise and intuition help you on your journey to better overall health and wellbeing."~ Holly

Intuitive Guidance Reading

My intuitive readings will provide you with soul messages of guidance from your higher self. By connect with you and your current energy I seek to guide you to find alignment, clarity and direction. I am not a traditional psychic and I do not predict the future as I believe you future is based on the choices and actions you make.  I seek to help you discover and acknowledge your true heart's desires and empower you to create the life you want.                                                                             Available in person / Worldwide via Skype

45MIN SESSION- $90 (incl GST.)

"Amazing! Just had a reading on Skype - I'm in Belfast in Northern Ireland so no matter where you are in the world you can tap into Natalie's insights. I really appreciated how thorough the reading was and all the cards were so on the money - absolutely relevant. I really excited now as Natalie has given me the confidence to follow my path. This girl is a real gift. Thank you Natalie xoxo"~ Katrina


My personalised moon readings will provide you with soul messages of guidance from your higher self. You will gain valuable insight and feel inspired by a new level of awareness in your life. I provide a limited offering of these Moon Readings at potent times in the moon cycle to maximise the healing benefits available to you.

Limited offering on announcement and only available remotely Worldwide

1 card reading- $30 (incl GST.)

"Wow Natalie's reading for me was so spot on and so helpful ! I really used what she said and it made so much sense. She's very clever and connected and I'm definitely coming back to her for more when ever I feel lost."~ Amelia