Moon Reading Offering for the

Full Moon in Leo 11th February, 2017

Only 20 spots available

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Moon Reading

Limited offering on announcement and only available remotely Worldwide

My personalised moon readings will provide you with soul messages of guidance from your higher self. You will gain valuable insight and feel inspired by a new level of awareness in your life. I provide a limited offering of these Moon Readings at potent times in the moon cycle to maximise the healing benefits available to you.        

YOU WILL RECEIVE:                                                              

  • personalised 1 card moon reading

  • customised PDF moon reading report including detail about the current moon energy

  • beautiful image of card reading

BONUS- A ceremonial guide to help you harness the energy of the Moon.

1 Card Reading- $30 (incl GST.)


You are not required to provide any detailed information or questions. I simply connect with you and your higher self to bring through the messages your soul wishes to bring forward. It is very often directly related to your current concerns.

These reading are done remotely and sent via email which means they are available WORLDWIDE

Your reading will be sent within 48hrs prior to the Full Moon (Full Moon in Cancer is Thursday 12th of January, 2017).

Once you receive your reading, you have the opportunity to provide feedback and seek clarification on any points from your reading.


"Omg wow Natalie you were spot on in so many ways. The unsteadiness is still there but I know why it is there. You tapped into so much that is happening in my life. All I can say is Wow you rock."- Natalie

"I loved my reading it was absolutely spot on"- Dilara :. Dilara-- IIIFDSJKLFDSHAL

"Wow Natalie's reading for me was so spot on and so helpful ! I really used what she said and it made so much sense. She's very clever and connected and I'm defiantly coming back to her for more when ever I feel lost." - Amelia


Subscribers are the first to know when the next limited Moon Readings are being released.