Psychosomatic Therapy Session

Available in person / Worldwide via Skype

Psychosomatic Therapy is a process of self discovery and understanding yourself in an empowering way. It is a holistic therapy that looks at you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. By connecting to the language of the body based on the Chakra philosophy, you will gain valuable insight into who you are, your gifts and how to nurture your potential. It will also identify where you may be feeling and experiencing blocks and challenges to your true nature.

Through Psychosomatics you can acknowledge old experience and negative patterns and behaviours your body is carrying and start to shed them to open the doorway for new experiences and freedom of expression. The shedding of these fears and restrictions enables you to bring in the healing you need and restore your energy so you can create the life you want.  It bring awareness and understanding to your experiences and enables you to see the bigger picture from a new perspective which can create amazing shifts in your life.


90 min session

  • 30 min consultation to understand and connect to your needs

  • 45 min treatment selected intuitively based on your energy and requirements. This can include:

    • Personalised look at your Body/ Mind/ Soul connection

    • Counselling and Intuitive Guidance

    • Chakra Philosophy

    • Bodywork

    • Emotional trigger point release therapy

    • Ka Huna flow

    • Sound healing

    • Energy clearing

    • Crystals

  • 15 min integration discussion of your treatment


90MIN SESSION- $130 (incl GST.)

"Natalie embodies the awakening of the body mind soul. In My first session she intuitively knew I was ready to make a change in my life and take action. Guiding and affirming what I already knew but chose to ignore. Thank You for diving in deep with me, and helping me rise to the surface of who I truly am. I now actively make little steps in progress towards my Why. Blessed"~ Rachel