Psychic Reading / Intuitive Guidance

All readings are set with the intention to help and encourage you on your path by giving you valuable insight and clarity to your situation. My psychic sensitivities allow me to see, feel and hear information about your past, present and future.

The majority of my clients are seeking guidance and wanting to learn more about their relationships, finance, health and work. My readings are not scary and are often inspiring and uplifting. If I see a challenging situation ahead I will offer strategies and tools to help you during this time. 

I use beautiful tarot or oracle card decks depending on what best will serve you. So you may find each reading is unique and specially designed for you. 

All you are required to bring is yourself but you are also welcome to bring along jewellery and photos (can be on a digital device) of yourself and loved ones to be read.

45min session $60 Brisbane, Aus.

Monday - Saturday/ Carindale

* Remote readings available WORLDWIDE vis Skype please email to enquire

Psychosomatic Therapy

There are many reasons why people seek out a Psychosomatic Therapist including physical, mental, emotional or spiritual needs. The body is communicating to us all the time and providing valuable insight into your strengths, challenges, patterns and behaviours. By learning the language of your body you are empowered to see your gifts and unlock their potential, as well as releasing what no longer serves you. With your new level of awareness you can transform your life and open up to limitless possibilities that exist inside you. 

This form of lifestyle therapy incorporates:

  • intuitive guidance and education

  • spiritual counselling

  • energy healing

  • body work

  • emotional trigger point release

As your therapist, I will hold a safe space, while guiding you through the steps so you can start using your new found awareness and take action in living a purposeful and balanced life.

90min session $80

Monday - Saturday/ Carindale