Wisdom Stories with Brook Albrigo

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"All of my life, I have been the peacekeeper, going to incredible lengths to smooth things over and do whatever it took to make others happy. Thinking this made me a selfless, good person, I overlooked my own needs in order to not rock the boat or ruffle any feathers. Life eventually started to crush my self worth and my voice crumbled at the thought of disturbing the peace.

What peace? My relationships left me feeling like a doormat. As a Libra with a Libra rising, balance and harmony is my core, my religion even. Brewing in the watery depths of my consciousness is a fierce Leo moon and she was not having any of this doormat business! With my Saturn Return steadily approaching -a profound astrological event that happens around age 29- my inner lioness was ready to devour my self-limiting patterns and beliefs.

As the youngest of three girls in a tumultuous household, there was seldom a day without fighting and chaos. Deeply craving normalcy and stability, I braved the storm by pretending everything was ok and convincing everyone else of the same illusion. I coped with the unrest by repairing other people's problems. My instinct was to enter an emotional war zone with hugs and offer solace- at whatever cost to my feelings, I was driven to fix it.

Well into adulthood, my balancing acrobatics continued. I bent over backwards and juggled too much to keep partners, bosses, friends- even enemies- happy. At 29, I fell. Exhausted, fed up, resentful and disillusioned. The scales were tipped. This was not balance!

I had to wake up and truly feel, without apologizing or putting myself last. A fire was ignited within, my lioness stirring- and never went back to sleep.

With the help of energy healing and meditation, I could see myself objectively and change the way I perceived and treated myself. My decisions were met with sincere questions- "How does this affect me? Where do my personal boundaries fall? Am I allowing myself to find the root of these uncomfortable situations and emotions and process them rather than smoothing them over?"  It felt selfish at first but how could I heal others if I was neglecting myself? Each moment I met with acceptance of who I am, a little piece of the illusion I had painted of not mattering would chip away.

I noticed that when I respected myself, others in turn respected me. I stopped attracting unhealthy relationships, or could at least weed them out quickly. Opportunities and relationships started showing up that were more in tune to the balance I so badly craved- and deserved! The lessons that grow as a result of the ups and downs from this shift have been both liberating and terrifying. Not unlike a new relationship, I am getting to know myself- my TRUE self because after all this time I finally feel seen, acknowledged and important. It is one of the most powerful decisions I have ever made and is still unfolding in many ways. "

Lion image artist unknown. Please notify if you know who created this.

Lion image artist unknown. Please notify if you know who created this.

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