Wisdom Stories with Jodie de Rome

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My passion to create a business centred around personal development along with health and wellness comes from my own personal experience of transforming a chronic skin condition called eczema. Ever since I can remember, I was told by doctors and skin experts that this condition would never go away. After many years of childhood eczema, I was clear in my teens, until it re-appeared viciously in my early 20’s. To add insult to injury I damaged the skin on my face with a prescribed corticosteroid cream from my doctor. When I asked my GP if I had permanently damaged my skin. She replied, with a very mater-of-fact response, “Yes, you have.”

Unsatisfied and desperate, I continued to seek external answers to fix my problem. I spent copious amounts of time and money researching creams and seeking out more doctors and specialist opinions. All these external sources only ever masked the issue. In all my desperation, I made a choice deep within me that said, “you will have clear skin”. As I listened more closely to this voice it became louder. And as I paid more attention my journey took a u-tune from external to internal. As I became more prepared to look at myself, a big chunk of the answer was revealed. My skin condition was triggered by an underlying social anxiety in response to some major life changes at the time. Personally, this was a ground-breaking self-discovery because during my whole life I had never had anyone tell me emotional states or attitudes influenced my skin. Simply put, what I had discovered was the body-mind connection.

I watched clearly how my mind would influence my body. I found a place within myself where I started to observe my emotions in situations where I would feel my skin start to burn and flare up. As I observed more and more, my reaction became less and less. In short, becoming the observer of my body-mind experience, over time, led to my complete recovery.

For me, true healing occurred because I faced myself, acknowledged what I had been fearing, and in that acknowledgment felt a gradual let go. I had created a re-connection with my own body, mind and soul.

If I had never asked myself for deeper answers, I would never have tapped into more of my potential. I would have settled on the ideas of others, been stuck in my conditioned patterns or thought all I could do was ‘manage’ my diagnosis ‘forever’. The power of responsibility (ability-to-respond) to oneself is paramount and drives all aspects of the life I have created for myself and is the core of my business.

What a journey of self discovery Jodie! Thank you for sharing your amazing revelation about your body mind connection and how you found empowerment through understanding what your body need to heal itself.


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